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Additional pictures showing the lower floors being cleaned up and stripped of black spray paint that the previous owner added. The car is progressing along nicely now.

Broken lower leaf found - drivers side.

Lloyd Costley comes up big with a gratuitist spare provided from one of his original sets!

Trunk floor and rear panel view after some cleaning

Lot's of gray primer was to be found around this car.

Inner returns cleaned up nicely. Trying not to overdo things here.

Original fisher body stamping on the lower return - drivers side

Everything in the rear axle tunnel is now cleaned up and done

Found a T41 date stamping in the floor. I never knew about these until another member educated me on the subject. :-)

Skipping ahead to the inner fenders which have now received some cleaning to remove paint.

I still have a couple of weeks of cleaning to get through with most of the front end and lower suspension to be done. Once I'm through the engine bay, the diff and the driveline will be going back in. That's when I'll drop the front suspension and start detailing each side independently. Should be back on the road in April.

I haven't posted here in a while so I thought I'd take a few minutes to add some pictures and the car being cleaned up on the underside. With the driveline now out of the car, I'm currently working to remove all of the black spray paint added by the previous owner and that's coming along nicely. In doing so, I am also finding some cool stuff like panel stampings and some paint marks from the factory that were previously hidden. Haven't really got into cleaning the front end suspension parts or the front brakes yet but already have seen 4/5 paint daubs that will warrant some gentle cleaning while working them back into plain view. Having a lot of fun with this as I learn many things about this original car and Camaro's in general that I never knew about before. It's been very rewarding thus far. Working my way forward and started on the rear undercarriage. It will all be done and assembled back in time for spring.

Yellow paint found daub on centre link

Indiction of some paint marks on the yet to be cleaned front suspension

Both sides have orange paint on the rear knuckles

Going to try and save this label when I get to the dust shields.

Original sub-frame bushings still in place throughout the car.

Build/job number found on top of the original tank.

Original fuel tank being cleaned up with paint removal underway.

Original front springs have since been cleaned up and will go back into the car

The motor is out and paint will be dialed back using steam perhaps?

Diff is out of the car for easy access to cleaning the housing and rear floors.

General Discussion / Re: MCACN
« on: December 14, 2019, 02:19:52 PM »
I hope someone took a photo of Jeff Makovich's 69 TA car...  I sold him a set of ARE magnesium wheels that I'd had for 35 yrs (which came off Bob Christiansen's 69 z28 TA car) so I'm hoping to see them put to good use.. :)

I didn't take this shot. It was posted by someone who posted a link on the Yenko site. I believe photo credit goes to Ryan Brutt. Here's the 69 T/A car.

General Discussion / Re: MCACN
« on: November 25, 2019, 11:42:08 PM »
I tried to get more of that Trans AM car but there was too many people around it on Saturday, but did get an under the hood shot. I was back to get more but was interrupted and that dragged me away with another visit. I got a host of shots of Warren's car and a couple of Skip's as well as many others. Here's a few to wet your appetites.

General Discussion / Re: MCACN
« on: November 14, 2019, 03:26:54 PM »
I'll be there this year just to check out the show and meet up with a few others while appreciating the cars. We're at the Hilton and I'll likely be the guy walking the show with a black Klim mid layer jacket worn over a white Harley t-shirt. If the jacket is off, I have a full sleeve tattoo on my right arm. I was going to suggest you look for the grey haired guy, but that would have you looking in circles. (LOL)

aka NorCam / GreenNV

When the car was delivered it had a bit of an odor which smelled a lot like moth balls. In an effort to clean and deodorize the car, I removed the seats to further inspect the carpets and rule out any mouse nests while cleaning it. Checking the cowl plenum and throughout the interior, all I found was further evidence of a clean dry car that has never seen any rodents, humidity, moisture or condensation. I say that because the floors under the original carpets are dry with clean original paint and the underside of the dash/cowl showing no rust or flash staining. Furthermore, all of the window channels appear as clean and dry as the rest of the car. In other words, zero rust and no decay to be found anywhere in this car. Even the seat frames and seat backs appear like new. Having said that, I'm convinced the car was always stored in a dry climate controlled environment. :)

Thanks William.

I started seeing more valve cover restoration efforts in the last 20 years or so as the emphasis became more about originality than available replacement parts. And I agree that some items are considered more "consumable" than others. I did see the 140 part numbers when I first opened the covers to inspect the heads but immediately saw the drippers and said to myself, OK these are wrong! After learning that the late cars actually had drippers, it was kind of back of mind so I never gave them another thought.  8)

Appreciate the sharp eye to bring this back to mind, and totally agree with what you're saying.

That's good to know William.

I never checked the numbers or gave them much thought. Just assumed they were 1970 style covers because of the drippers and was told that the late cars had dripper covers showing up.

I like the dating on the factory YH rally wheels, They all match K-1-9 9 9 which is a cool sequence of sorts. The spare has the long valve extension and the 4 wheels on the car have what appears to be matching Dill caps.

Factory original LOF glass is intact with date codes matching up all around. The front windshield and the side glass is dated YV (October) while the rear glass is dated AV (September). I was glad to see it's all original and in great shape with no scratches at all. Another tell tale sign showing that the car was very well cared for and likely stored inside when it snowed.

Another late year production change were the valve covers which got the dripper style aluminum covers. Myself, I prefer having the drippers in there.

Great car.

I have the same issue with my rear brakes - the drum punchouts have not been removed. Can you get your rear drums off? I think I'm going to have to knock mine out to get them off (unless someone knows a trick).

Note the C removed from the axle code. That's not chance....

I have had both the rear drums off already. They came off nicely and have since been thrown in a Hotsy tank and washed up nicely.

I knew nothing of the C being stamped out until I bought this car and had a few questions about the stamp. Why were they peened over if they we originally stamped C BU at the factory? Know very little about these facts?

Great pics. I agree with Gary, drive and keep it clean.
Very similar condition to my 08C car, even the milage is close to mine (47k). I saw what you said about the radiator, did you also get the shocks back?

Didn't get the front shocks and suspect they are long gone. Rears look to have been changed long ago as it has generic shocks on there \and they've been there a long time.

Original Radiator was nicely re-cored and has the UH tag. I need to repaint it and will install it when I swap out the pump over the winter. Bill Mock shipped me an Oct 10th pump for the car and I also have dated original Wittek clamps coming as well. Flapper is wired and firewall has original piercing. The plastic clip that holds the wire up onto the hood is broken and the wire is dangling off to the side in a couple of those pictures. Here's the original firewall piercing.

Since receiving the car and completely going through it, I was delighted to find it still wears its original front brake calipers, original rotors and has the 1177 rear drums which were all within mfg. spec. The original engine runs great, the factory M20 transmission shifts smoothly, and the rear BU diff runs nice and quiet. The car still wears a matching set of Sept 9th dated YH wheels with factory rings and caps, and Jeff set the car up with some Goodyear F70 wide treads before the sale was completed. I drove the car after it arrived last month and aside from the bias ply tires, itís one terrific old muscle car with a ton of originality throughout. My plans are to clean the underside and suspension and leave it much as it appears today. I will correct any irregularities in the serviced belts and hoses and will check all the fasteners while installing a few other odds and ends that are missing under the hood (lift brackets, original fasteners and such). A really great car that has a ton of things going for it, and one that is super clean and completely rust free throughout.

I love the fact the car wears all of its original sheet metal, has all factory original floors, a super clean original 711 interior and one of the cleanest firewalls I have seen in years. The original trunk paint & factory spare are intact, and the original PTB firewall stamps are clear and visible on both sides. A great original specimen that is pretty much unmolested other than the repaint and a few service items having been replaced over the years. The original distributor and starter were missing from the car and I have since found a late 9E16 distributor that Jerry M is now rebuilding for me. Iíve also sourced a rebuilt J10 dated #692 water pump and a 9J16 dated #367 starter to correct other deficiencies. The original smog system came packed in a box with the car and was complete as removed from the car. The pump is dated 29391S or 293rd day and aligns with the rest of the car for dates. Iíve since come to learn that there are a few oddityís regarding some of the parts used on the late 10E cars that differ from earlier dates. Things like the transmissions being an earlier build date and the peripherals on the smog pump being earlier dated parts (stamped diverter valve and rare early hoses and clamps), but appear original to this car.

I am told that these are known deficiencies and acceptable practice on the late cars as they scrambled for parts to complete the builds during the late over-runs. I now have most of any missing components on the way to correct a few of the irregularities and have also ordered a concourse exhaust system complete with resonators from Eric Gardner. With these items being installed, I should have this car looking 100% come the spring and plan to keep it this way for years to come. The car has itís born with 302 engine with semi-legible VIN in the rough cast, itís original M20 transmission, and itís original BU coded diff.

Iím still going through the car to find any little things that need correcting, but there really isnít much to report aside from the things noted under the hood. As I continue going through the car, I will post additional pictures showing the details of my findings. The underside needs to be carefully cleaned as the third owner fluffed the bottom and covered some LB over-spray when prepping the car to sell it. After reviewing the chassis, I think I can clean a lot of it off to bring back itís original patina and will try to remove any of the added black paint using enamel reducer and cleaners. I can also see the paint mark on the drivers front sun frame although it's under a few layers of black paint. Iím hoping to bring back a lot of its natural patina and leave it that way once itís cleaned and detailed. More as I go along, and happy to answer any questions regarding the car or any of its original parts throughout the undercarriage and drive line.

Graeme Browne
Calgary, AB

Wayne had taken good care of the car while only putting 4122 miles on it over the 24 years he owned it. From looking at old pictures (inset), it appears he also owned a Nova SS and Chevelle SS and cherished his GM cars. It was reported that Wayne had struck a deer with the Z/28 in the mid 90's and had the upper valance was replaced with the right front fender being repaired by Tim Leiphart who owns Hot Rods and Restorations in PA. At that time, Tim had repainted the entire car and did a nice job with the repaint which still looks like new some 25+ years later. With the car being willed to Wayne's brother Dennis in 2014, it again sat for a few years as Dennis was not much of a car guy and didnít have the mechanical knowledge or tools needed to put the car back on the road. As reported to Jeff, Dennis sought the help of a Carlisle based mechanic George Kulp to upgrade a few wear items on the car and go through the original 302 which needed to come apart. Apparently, Wayneís former girlfriend exacted some revenge after a breakup and poured sugar into three of his fuel tanks. The 302 was run before this was determined and the sugar had gummed up the engine (see pictures of engine internals).

George documented the engine coming apart before he rebuilt it and was kind enough to send me some pictures of the 302 coming apart and being rebuilt. He informed me that nothing was hurt and the engine had little to no wear in the cylinders. He remembers this car well as he knew Wayne and knew that the motor was poisoned in years previous. Once torn down, he hot washed the block, measured and polished the original crank, resized the rods and put back the original parts with new rings and bearings and an oil pump. A true roller chain was added along with a Comp factory spec 12-107-3 camshaft and the original heads were serviced with new guides and rockers installed. He then installed the engine back into the car for Dennis and went through everything else on the car. At that time, they replaced the wiper motor, front springs, front shocks, and the water pump along with original radiator.

Thankfully, he gave all the important parts including the factory radiator with tag back to Dennis who kept them with the car until it was sold to Jeff Boone. Jeff has since had the original UH radiator re-cored and shipped me the loose parts along with the car. The original front springs were with the car and theyíre not in terrible shape. They still have their factory paper tags intact so I may put those back onto the car at some point. Jeff also restored the DZ4053 carb which he installed and tuned prior to selling the car to me.  Here are some pictures of the original parts that were packed in the trunk and shipped with the car. Also shown is the original spare and the jack.

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