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The story on a recent Z/28 acquisition.

Back in the summer (2019) I was looking for another 69 Camaro and had posted a want ad on sYc when I was contacted by my friend Jeff Boone. Jeff had just picked up a low mileage 3 owner (49,000 mile) Z/28 that he was preparing to sell and we got to talking about it in early September. It didn't take long to see just how nice this late 10E car was and Jeff and I managed to put together a deal on the car. The car didn't have a lot for documents other than its known owner history, a few titles and an odometer statement from the second owner dating back to 1990 when he sold the car in PA. Jeff pulled an NCRS report but as it turns out, this was one of the late cars that didn't have any history on the dealer it was assigned to? I have since double checked this with NCRS who again confirmed "No Information on Document Search VIN 124379N708145". With Jeff having back traced the owners and visiting with a couple of them, here's what was learned about the car.

The car itself was reported as being bought new in North Carolina by original owner Woodrow Wilson Judge. It was traded in about a year later (1970) to Freddie's Performance Cars in Carlisle PA. Having 9000 miles on the odometer, the car was bought by its second owner William A. Miller who traded in his 65 Impala SS to acquire the Z/28 from Freddie's. He drove the car and put about 35,000 miles on it over the course of 20 years, and shared a story with Jeff Boone about driving the car from Pennsylvania to Daytona for the races back in 71/72. He owned the car up until 1990 and sold it for $12,000 at the time with 44,746 showing on the clock. It was said that he only sold it because he wanted cash to buy a new tractor for his small farm. These facts were discussed with Jeff Boone when he went to visit the second owner in October of 2019. A signed mileage affidavit was supplied when the car was sold and re-titled to its third owner. The third owner was Wayne Harmon of Pennsylvania who worked for Fedex and spotted the car outside of Hershey while making his rural rounds. Upon buying the car, he owned it until his untimely passing in a motorcycle accident in 2014. The car then transferred ownership and was willed to his brother Dennis Harmon of PA who owned the car up until it being sold to Jeff in August 2019.


Decoding/Numbers / 1968 Trim Tag Build Date 1SD
« on: March 14, 2018, 04:27:09 AM »
Can anyone tell me what this build date means on this 68 LOS trim tag noted as being 1SD.

Does the S represent Special Order or something to that effect? I know the car was factory ordered as a L78 and was built in December and sold to customer on Jan 12 from the docs. Was there a mid December change from LOS to VN plant code and does the body number correspond to other trim tags from same period? Thanks for any help.

Decoding/Numbers / Earliest April 3970010 Casting Dates
« on: June 01, 2017, 02:07:13 PM »
Found another 010 block that appears to have been cast one day earlier than mine. Anyone seen an earlier 3070010 block than this?

Restoration / Crossram Breather Fitment w/ ZL2 Ducted Hood
« on: October 15, 2016, 02:05:15 PM »
Looking for some good information on cross ram fitment under a stock (non cross ram) hood. I know the low profile narrow base filter below will fit under a stock flat hood/ducted hood, but what I would really like to know is if anyone has tried fitting the narrow filter with the black surround under a stock cowl hood and if it formed any kind of a seal to the opening?

I mean...if the narrow base fits and clears the hood and all your doing is adding the black plenum box under the small breather, will it fit under a non cross ram cowl hood? I'd like to try getting that foam seal to mate to some of the stock opening so I can bring fresh air in through a functional cowl hood, but don't want to start chopping mine up to add the HBC steel cross ram cowl opening or to use one of those cheap fiberglass hoods offered.

Has anyone added the base with the low profile filter and had any measure of success?

(low profile filter will fit under a stock hood)

But will this fit under a stock hood if I use the low profile filter option?

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