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What is/was the source of the photo?

Originality / Re: Multi-Leaf Rear, E-Brake Cable Brackets
« on: August 15, 2018, 09:22:11 PM »
I will look later to see if I still have one original. Pretty sure there is one in my storage cabinet in the garage. If so I will post pics. 

Thanks Austin, I needed a good laugh. :)

General Discussion / Re: 1967 rear spoiler question
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:24:58 PM »
Ed thanks for being so patient with explaining things. I hope everyone appreciates that. 

No - you really have no idea.

The core group members have research projects that we work on. When the research is peer reviewed and deemed appropriate, then it is posted. Thatís how everyone gets to see all of the research. A lot of time and effort goes into that.

We ask for voluntary data contributions. BUT, this is not an ďinformation exchangeĒ. Much of the data we collect is private and it canít just be given out. If you hear crickets, well thatís probably why or there just is not any similar data to share. Itís also possible that we didnít see the question. I do not monitor every post in every thread. 

Have Jerry M. take a look at your axle, see what he says. 

Austin I realize you are still very bitter.

You donít really see how things work on this site. Core members lead or direct the forum discussions and research. You say that you have a few odd examples. If you want them evaluated, post them. Or send them to Kurt off line for evaluation.

Decoding/Numbers / Re: Help Identifying Engine
« on: August 15, 2018, 04:16:42 PM »
That block was used for 427s in the 1969 model year and for 454s in 1970 and 1971. Itís not rare.

Whatís the casting date and whatís stamped on the front ďpadĒ of the block ahead of where the passenger side cylinder head mounts? 

Post your ďresearchĒ here and let it be peer reviewed.  One person collecting data is not research. 

Just put that pumpkin on a transport and send it my way - then you can relax.

I had a car that color long ago, but a different make and model. Think about Pontiac and Carousel Red.  ;) 8)

Itís insignificant Gary. Trust me. I bet you wouldnít be this obstinate if JohnZ was running this thread. ::)

The axles were assembled at Detroit Gear and Axle. I have tried for years to find a contact, just like I have tried to find a contact for Fisher Body at Norwood. No luck so far. Eaton made the posi units, they did not assemble axles.

Why do you think itís a big deal? Seriously...

One big problem with that thinking Gary. There are documented original cars that do not have the C peened out.

You guys are making WAY too big of a deal out if this.

There is no magic aura that surrounds 69 Z28s.

Gary you should just let me be the next caretaker for your car. I promise you it would get run through the gears at high rpms several times per week. :)

Honestly is doesnít matter WHY it happened. And in my opinion, there is no difference in value between one that has a peened C versus one that doesnít.

You are saying they are all peened exactly the same way? Letís see YOUR database that shows it.  8) 

They are not all peened the same way. 

The axle plant just stamped what they were told to do. The vehicle assembly plant people would not have cared. The stamped code is NOT what was used on the assembly line for quick identification.
Typically quick ID was done by a sticker with the axle code on it - stuck on the outside of the brake drum. 

Here is a a link to a reproduction example from HBC.

You can disagree with me a thousand times, but it will be as productive as hitting your forehead against the wall.  Show me REAL PROOF otherwise and I will listen.   

Back then this was not common knowledge to average gear head.  But if you were into racing and wanted to know what ratio you were getting - this was how it was done.

Obviously I have no way of proving what I think, but the evidence does support my thinking.  See my previous post as to why.

Gary, for this thread - YES.  BUT, I have hundreds of axle stamp pics and only some of the C BU stamps have been peened.  No other ratio is like this.  And last I checked, the pics that Kurt had showed the same thing.  He has a LOT more pics than I do.  I have not posted all of my axle data, because it is not complete with casting number and casting date.  A lot of the photos only have the assembly date.

Now I will tell you that YES, maybe SOME of these "peened" C stamps could have been caused inadvertently by rocks, road debris, etc.  - but not all.  And if the axle plant or assembly plant was going to do it, then it most likely would have been X'd out.  That is how other drivetrain components are handled.

I have no proof, but I strongly feel this was done intentionally by owners.  The axle code is one of the things strongly looked at when you are considering purchase of a Z28. 

I will leave this thread open to more discussion on the C - no need to start a new topic.  But let's not let it get out of hand.  Let's keep it factual and not get riddled with everyone's opinion. 


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