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General Discussion / DZ 320 piston dome height ?
« Last post by penard on Today at 04:22:34 AM »
Somebody says me, what is the height of the piston dome DZ 302 original GM ??

Thank , Paul
Decoding/Numbers / Re: LOS TB (no P) inspection tag possibility?
« Last post by Mike S on Today at 03:23:32 AM »
I'd love to find one of those in a fullsize cars.  I've seen inspection tickets but not one like that.  Were there any other items folded up inside the UOIT?
  There was an interior trim options tag with the others. Written in purple ink and almost childish scribble that was likely from writing with nothing firm under the paper, but it has some number then 760 from what I can make of it. My interior code is 760.

Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Street Legal 69 A/S Camaro
« Last post by 1109RWHP on Today at 03:14:40 AM »
Go back to page 9. Look for "Street T/A" at the top. I started that thread because I was surprised there are not more T/A inspired street cars. I am doing a 69 T/A Boss 302.
Originality / Re: Proper engine decals location
« Last post by lemarin on Today at 02:48:16 AM »
It's funny because when you buy the complete decal pack for the LM-1 at Heartbeat, they give you the CE decal....and when you look at the description of each emission decal sold separately, it's clearly indicated that for the LM-1, it's the CF that should be bought....They don't even apply their own description.
Restoration / Re: 69 Camaro Standard Steering Column Spring
« Last post by z28z11 on Today at 02:35:05 AM »
Yes, there is a spring in the assembly - here's the pic, dimensions as follows:

Length: .825", ground flat on both ends.

Outside diameter: .9875"

Inside diameter: .771"

Coil (wire) thickness: .106"

You'll need to buy or fabricate a compressor to depress the top cover plate under this spring's pressure in order to push the keeper in place. A little cumbersome, but have patience -

Decoding/Numbers / Re: LOS TB (no P) inspection tag possibility?
« Last post by bcmiller on Today at 02:32:22 AM »
Do you think this may be a tag for that purpose instead of using ink stamps on the firewall?

I don't recall seeing any other vehicles with PBT stamps on the firewall. Anyone?

I don't know of any either. 
1967 - Orphans / Re: 1967 L48
« Last post by KurtS on Today at 02:30:26 AM »
But it should be in the orphan forum. Moved....
Restoration / Re: 69 coupe dual exhaust reinforcement plate-missing?
« Last post by KurtS on Today at 02:25:46 AM »
Same people answer both forums, btw. :)
General Discussion / Re: 69 camaro front shoulder anchor point
« Last post by HawkX66 on Today at 02:24:35 AM »
Glad to hear it. For anyone that comes across this, from the shoulder harness mount hole closest to the front, 4", 17" & 25" are where the holes are.
Originality / Re: Proper engine decals location
« Last post by KurtS on Today at 02:23:54 AM »
CD - L22   
CE - 307 & 327 & L65   
CF - LM1 & L48 & Z28 
CG - L35 & L34 
CH - L72 & L78 & ZL1
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