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Maintenance / Re: Quadrajet Float Bowl: Is anything not repairable?
« Last post by z28z11 on Today at 05:15:56 AM »
Check out Quadrajetparts online - they offer all pertinent parts, plus a pretty unique way to seal the well plugs I had not seen before. Pretty inexpensive and simple to do - positive, permanent sealing for the secondary well plugs. Read the tech article in the website for the procedure.

I've found my 7029202 carb has been Helicoiled on the inlet in the past - evidently a poor job, so it leaks no matter how tight I've gotten the connection, or with a liberal dose of Permatex #2. These guys offer the services to Helicoil the inlet and machine the gasket surface, and pressure check the repair to make sure it seals. After struggling with this for a couple of weekends, I think it's gonna make the trip to NJ for a hopeful repair.

Trans-Am Camaros / Re: stolen '69 Sunoco Camaro replica
« Last post by firstgenaddict on Today at 05:01:27 AM »
Here is one that looks the part...
Worth checking up on.
General Discussion / KING Chevrolet Cincinnati Oh COPO info
« Last post by firstgenaddict on Today at 04:43:20 AM »
Looking for any information on any copo's that may have come from King Chevrolet.

In particular a Lemans Blue 427 4spd no spoiler rear ant car would have been on the lot by mid June 1969.

If anyone remembers the car on the lot or maybe drag racing in the area I'd like to hear stories.
General Discussion / Re: Interesting Z on ebay
« Last post by BULLITT65 on Today at 03:58:55 AM »
May have been a tongue in cheek comment to make the guy feel good for spending a lot to restore the car, it may be under the comments section on the report though...

I hear what you are saying about the dates on the motor trans and rear, BUT I am unsure how that plays into the buyers mind.

I mean once it doesn't have the original block, how much does it matter that it is dated way before the build date, or well after it??

The way I look at it, maybe it would have a little extra value having a CE block in it?Vs. a date correct block?
 Just throwing that out there.
General Discussion / Re: Interesting Z on ebay
« Last post by 69 Zee on Today at 03:10:41 AM »
It is a plus to have it, but IMO it wouldn't out weigh the original motor, trans, or rear end.
I would put it on par with the Protecto plate, or original invoice.  It may be more rare to run across than the pop, but it is more of a secondary item.
Primary items to me would be original body, vin tag and firewall tag, motor, trans, rear.
Totally agree Austin.
Seller should of taken the $75K earlier and ran!  How can this Z have that kind of value with so much wrong ?  Don't forget it has a block dated 2 months after the body build date and a rear dated almost 6 months earlier as well as a brake booster that must have been painted when the body was.

The $100,000 value by JM ?  Should of posted that pic  :0   Would JM really put this kind of value on a Z that ONLY RETAINS an orig window sticker and unique color ?
Trans-Am Camaros / Re: New Zealand/Australian Camaros And Firebirds
« Last post by Jon Mello on Today at 02:59:57 AM »
Try looking on Steve's website...
Trans-Am Camaros / Re: Wheels used on Trans-Am Camaros
« Last post by Jon Mello on Today at 02:57:55 AM »
Did any Camaros use deep dish mags like the RORs on Moffat's Mustang or the mystery mags on subsequent private ownership pictures of Donohue's Javelin?


     In Trans-Am (1972 and earlier) you were required to use a wheel no wider than 8". I believe a 10" wide wheel was allowed beginning in 1973 but the Trans-Am series was not the same at that point.
Decoding/Numbers / Re: Decode Help
« Last post by crobjones2 on Today at 02:31:56 AM »
From my minimal experience - T cast lower right side of cam hole under timing cover represents Tonawanda  Possibly a T cast into the block under the fuel pump boss
General Discussion / Re: 1969 Z28 124379n508585
« Last post by shupee on Today at 02:25:11 AM »
Just checking to see if anything has surfaced. At the body shop now getting painted. Talked to the guy that used to own your car a few weeks ago and he was talking about when he bought it. I have his number if you would like to talk to him. Catch up to ya later.
General Discussion / Re: 1969 Z28 124379n508585
« Last post by KurtS on Today at 01:29:12 AM »
Hi Ken! Sold off that 68 and finally back in a 69!

Nope, nothing on that car that you don't already know.
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