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Just drug this out of a barn in Indiana this afternoon. The "C" has been peened over, guessing at the factory. This axle has never had the numbers area cleaned off till I bought it. Will get a better pic of Cast Date tomorrow. Looks like F119 (June 11th)?

Do the guts match the code?  What are the dates of the ring and pinion?

Sorry, no guts. Just a housing, backing plates and cover. There were 3 more 1st gen 12 bolt housings in the back of the barn, 1 NOS! a fiberglass 69 front "doghouse" out back and several sets of BB heads and headers of unknown engine type inside. It was dark and cob webs everywhere. I came out with the housing , set of 026 square port heads and a pair of 69 Camaro buckets and of course, my rust free trunk lid. Next stop yielded a Victor 2-R tunnel ram, 2 660 holleys a 4346 holley, a oval port strip dominator and a bunch of other stuff...I'm broke! A lot of fun treasure hunting though.
Well calling it Lucy reminds me of GONE IN 60 SECONDS... so you can't go wrong with that reference, since you ended up with the car.
and actually with your fleet of "ladies" you could film the movie right out of your own garage.. 8)
Decoding/Numbers / Re: Funny looking trim tag
« Last post by bcmiller on Today at 02:50:50 AM »
Right.  I would need to see the stamping on the front pad before I am a believer.
Decoding/Numbers / Re: Funny looking trim tag
« Last post by 69Z28-RS on Today at 02:45:16 AM »
I'd want to examine ALL of the information on that (those?) blocks before I concluded anything, but just the date appears to be a '5'...  If the factory broach marks are clearly evident and the stamping is a '69 stamping', AND clearly a factory stamp, then I'd lean in the direction you are... that the '9' was funky... maybe..  :)
Restoration / Re: Crossram Breather Fitment w/ ZL2 Ducted Hood
« Last post by Z28Project on Today at 02:42:28 AM »
Lookin good!
THAT Lucy is a 'hugger orange' too..  :)
General Discussion / Re: License plate attaching parts 3850950
« Last post by Hardtimes6 on Today at 02:28:06 AM »
One thing though the package the guy has in the picture is correct. I've had a bunch of these plate parts over the years and that's original packages but his description is misleading
Here's Lucy!!   ;D

General Discussion / Re: License plate attaching parts 3850950
« Last post by Hardtimes6 on Today at 02:23:48 AM »
Ya it's crazy I hate to list something if I can't describe what it fits but if I don't know for sure I usually say do your on research. I have some toy plane kits that have the putting you first logo on them but really can't find enough info to list them for sale
Decoding/Numbers / Re: Funny looking trim tag
« Last post by GreenNV on Today at 02:17:23 AM »
Not the first time this date has been misconstrued. Here's another block cast the same date and the same funky character out of the cast box on the same date, except most people think it's an 8, and they never cast an 010 block in 68. The 1975 blocks were also different as well in the oil gallery plugs as well as other differences so how could it be a 5?

If you stand over the block it actually looks like the last 9 is upside down, and I was told that other blocks have been seen like that?

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