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General Discussion / Re: 68 RS Hideaway Help
« Last post by cwyllie on Today at 10:46:32 PM »
Ok. Going to throw some hose!
Iím finding a couple of different manufacturers and would like some feedback on Headlight door vacuum hoses.
Classic Headquarters and OER are two brands that are coming up.
Have you used either? Is there a better brand out there?
Originality / Re: Convertible fold down rear seat back cardboard
« Last post by bertfam on Today at 09:42:42 PM »
And here's a picture with measurements.

Originality / Re: Convertible fold down rear seat back cardboard
« Last post by bertfam on Today at 09:30:52 PM »
I just went out and measured mine (see drawing below which is NOT to scale) and the two outboard screws are exactly 12" in from the side panels. The middle screw is exactly 11" between each outboard screw and all three are exactly 2.75" down from the top of the package shelf. All measurements were made center line to center line (C/L - C/L) of the screws.

However, read my "NOTE" in the drawing and see if some of the other guys with fold down seats can post their measurements.

Decoding/Numbers / Re: Caveat Emptor...flaky tags?
« Last post by Jonesy on Today at 08:16:55 PM »
That cowl tag is a repop.
General Discussion / Re: VIN 124378L344513 Request for POP Information
« Last post by jwbavalon on Today at 08:16:06 PM »
Thanks Kurt
My friend's 1968 Z28 was originally ordered from Harry Mann Chevrolet, although I don't remember seeing the POP.  When I looked at someone's 1970 BOSS 302, I noticed that the temporary warranty tag that Ford issued for the car had been glued below the door tag.  When I asked about the tag in 2010, the owner had never noticed it was there and he bought the BOSS 302 in 1977!
Maple Grove Drag-O-Way was one of five tracks that made up the North East Division (NED) of the NHRA in 1969.  The second photo is of the cover of the souvenir program handed out at these tracks during NHRA events held there in 1969.   

Bumper sticker and souvenir program cover: worthpoint
Here is a photo showing a 1969 Camaro RS/SS Z11 convertible going down the dragstrip during the pre-race ceremonies with a woman on the back prior to a large NHRA sanctioned event at Maple Grove Drag-O-Way in Mohnton, Pennsylvania sometime during the racing season of 1969.  Notice that most of the people in the background are wearing pants, long sleeve shirts and jackets.  Either it was a cool day in the summer or possibly spring or fall.  Also notice the "USA-1" license plate on the front, the Uniroyal tires, the small Chevy bow-tie sticker above the rear wheel and the extremely poor fitting lower part of the door decal. 

I found the photo years ago on Ebay.
I know its not the greatest picture but I found an image that possibly demonstrates that a white 1969 Camaro of some sort was used as the pace car for the USAC Champ Car Indy 200 held at Indianapolis Raceway Park in Clermont, Indiana on Sunday, July 27, 1969.  The event consisted of two 100 mile heats on the 2.5 mile road course portion of the facility.  Dan Gurney won Heat #1 in his Eagle Ford and Peter Revson won Heat #2 in his Brabham Repco. 

If you look at the very right side of the picture you can see the rear portion of a white pace car.  To me the squared off wheel well, the bumper position, the rear spoiler and what appears to be a Rally Wheel makes me think that it is the back end of a 1969 Camaro.  Since this track was owned by the same owners as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at the time, it makes sense that this could be a 1969 Camaro RS/SS Z11 convertible being used as the pace car.  It might even be one of the actual pace cars that was used to pace the 1969 Indianapolis 500.

This is the only image showing the pace car for this event that I could find.  Hopefully another one emerges to confirm or disprove.

Click on the following link to use the magnification tools for this image here:

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