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 on: Today at 06:53:52 PM 
Started by dannystarr - Last post by dannystarr
Ok, will do... Thanx... Danny

 on: Today at 06:49:02 PM 
Started by dannystarr - Last post by janobyte
relax Smiley

take your plugs out ,rotate the crank CW, about a quarter turn until the indexing mark (dot) on crank gear is at 12:00   see John's illustration. your real close per your pic.

loosen your rocker arms so as no contact with pushrods---maintain order if you take them off. at this time all valves are closed, and will stay that way.

use your old gear and rotate cam CW till timing mark at  6:00, see Johns illustration.       stop.   read up some and wait for your parts.

 on: Today at 06:45:36 PM 
Started by 69 Zee - Last post by 69 Zee
Original Cam cast #3849347,  part #3849346

Couple of questions:  
1)  Couldn't find a part number stamped anywhere, is there and did I overlook it ?  
2)  Like the crank, a yellow paint band brushed around it, why did GM do this ?
3)  The 3 bolts "N" on the end look original.  I know GM used several suppliers, so is there a list of all possible bolts GM used during assembly ?

 on: Today at 06:27:36 PM 
Started by 67rs327 - Last post by ozman
I too have a 67 L30- M20 late 67 start build date June10th.It does have the 4P code with date code engine close to cowl,may 25 stamp.Strangely it has LS on the cowl tag instead of LOS which I've seen online others built the same cowl day 06B.  J 177 ( June 10th),It has the square radius rod to stabilize the 12 bolt rear end I'd send pic but don't know how
06B.                  J177
67-12437.  LS-37029
760-Z.              H-H
L.  2LGR     3DL

 on: Today at 06:14:38 PM 
Started by ozman - Last post by bcmiller
Probably just a mistake.  There are some others known like this.  Not very many but a few.

Post a picture if you can or send it direct to me. 


 on: Today at 06:10:33 PM 
Started by dannystarr - Last post by dannystarr
Holly crap I screwed up big time. I was thinking of my mustangs, as I had 5 at once, all 65'-66' fastbacks...Then switched to Camaros a few years ago. Have not had a Chevy for many years... Anyway I used the LEFT front for no. ONE. NOW it's ALL pulled apart and I don't know what the hell to do! Can't believe I did that. I don't know which way is up. JUST when I was getting a handle of all the info previous, I go and do this... I don't know which way to rotate clock or counter, Do I now have my girl stick her finger in the REAL No. one, for comp. stroke... but then what? Do I Put the cover back on with 3 or 4 bolts.... then delicately slide the balancer on part way. Or stick the chain and beat-up gear back on and try to find TDC. Or turn the Cam by hand? Or wait to buy the new set-up and use it?HuhHuhHuhHuhHuhHuh   S*^t !!!.... Danny

 on: Today at 05:57:33 PM 
Started by ozman - Last post by ozman
Searching why my 67 Camaro rs has LS for los Angeles instead of LOS on the cowl.Noticed on forum there are 2 cowl tags that also have LS ironically built the same day as mine 06B.   J 177 is mine ,June 10th.Any information would be appriciated

 on: Today at 04:43:20 PM 
Started by MyRed67 - Last post by motorman
The 67 is just a clone, IMO. Nothing indicates it was anything special.

The 68 - neat article. Haven't heard that it's done.
The 67 is just a clone, IMO. Nothing indicates it was anything special.

The 68 - neat article. Haven't heard that it's done.
I was the one who did the heads on that car. it was not delmont engineering but performance engineering in delmont . I have not talked to brian for a while as his shop is just about 15 miles from

 on: Today at 01:44:24 PM 
Started by Steve Holmes - Last post by group/7
great stuff as always jon ! I had come across a photo of that ward camaro, dated '68, somewhere on the net. had meant to ask about it, that was pretty radical for the time ! I thought the picture had the wrong date. thanks for the explanation of the rule bending.

 on: Today at 01:34:37 PM 
Started by dannystarr - Last post by 1968 Z28
Danny....You have my curiosity aroused, never thought about that dimple before.  My '68 has a dimple but it is only a 1/4" to the right from the line (balancer laying face down).  Maybe someone will have a logical answer.

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