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General Discussion / Re: Flint Engine Production
« Last post by HawkX66 on Today at 06:57:14 PM »
Do the math.

Chevy built 20,302 '69 Z/28s over a span of 445 calendar days.
Don't you mean 40,302? I think that's close to the current number that are left anyway. ;-)
General Discussion / Re: 68 z/28 question of authenticity
« Last post by HawkX66 on Today at 06:54:11 PM »
That's an old friend of mines shop.
General Discussion / Re: Charlotte Autofair
« Last post by lakeholme on Today at 06:52:36 PM »
Vendors items mailed last week. Looks like we've sold most of our 9000 spaces.
Meet items for owners and judges mailed today.
Originality / Re: Searching for the "story"
« Last post by BULLITT65 on Today at 06:52:04 PM »
Good points John. I would say it may have a slight impact on value as well. I would think a factory posi would add to the value, especially since many SS cars came with an open diff.
General Discussion / Re: Flint Engine Production
« Last post by bcmiller on Today at 06:50:06 PM »
Batches, yes.  Some batches 100 or more at a time.

Good reading here at this link...
I can tell you it had a Muncie transmission... It looks to have big block engine stands, but those are bolt ons. The heater box cut outs are the same BB to SB. It's just the cover that's different.
I can only comment on '67 BB's. I haven't seen any FW differences between SB and BB (heater core cover exception), but the motor mounts for BB's are different in that the motor is shifted over approximately 1" to the right. Plus, the transmission cross member was unique to the BB to accommodate the motor/transmission offset.  Again, this is for 67, but the '68 should be close, if not the same.

HI, I am looking at a 1968 Camaro which he is claiming to be a big block car. I am looking at the firewall and what I don't know is,do all Camaros have the holes where small block heater core hoses come out from ? My 1968 SS big block car hoses come out from the middle of the heater box but I have never seen underneath what is there . Is there a difference ? Thanks everyone. I am trying to post a pic but I am still very new to the site. I posted a pic of where my hoses come out from . Any help is much appreciated . Thank you
General Discussion / Re: Unrestored Z/10 anyone?
« Last post by BULLITT65 on Today at 05:51:52 PM »
Well factoring in the Z10 included at least a 350ci, the RS package, the ZL-2 hood, and the identitfying orange stripes, I would think a slight cut above what an SS would go for in similar condition. My guess for this car would be mid 20's
General Discussion / Re: Unrestored Z/10 anyone?
« Last post by 77thor on Today at 05:30:39 PM »
Just curious... Do you guys think that $22-23K is a fair price for a car like that??
(Personally I wouldn't spend that much on a car that needs that much work, but that's just me).
Obviously the car needs a lot of work, but how much does a Z10 add to the equation?

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