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last :) So far,
NOS= RH fender,RH door skin,header(nose piece), both 1/4s, cowl panel, RS grille, core support.
Born with= LH fender*,door,roof rockers,tail panel, inner fenders L&R, all RS metal except main tank. 
GM replaced used= dash,hood,lower valence, RS tank*
Reproduction= L&R front floor pan, RH toe panel patch,RH rear floor pan, center trunk pan.
* fender was replaced in a LH corner collision in car's early life which damaged RS tank and front door LH (door was repaired, dented tank replaced)
More :) After it was determined that the repro top dash plate was JUNK, I cut the dash out of the parts car and they took the lip where the windshield sits and welded it to the dash and put the whole thing installed. BTW, A friend told me that the AMD whole dash fit like a glove on his car. May have gone that route, but guy doing work did not want to wait another 10-11 days for ship. Free ship from JEG'S.
Looks great!!
Restoration / Re: Spare tire hold down bracket location ???
« Last post by Mike S on Today at 03:36:49 AM »
 I can't see why there would be a difference. Only coupe vs. convert is where the differences are.
The tire pressure decal would be different between the SB and BB.

Things are coming along. Before and after. Guy saved original fender,welded patch and coated fender with a rust remover (surface). Only problem, amount charged to repair I probably could have bought a NOS? Oh well, that is the problem having someone not familiar with prices doing work.
1968 - Orphans / Re: Z28 MO on MPLS CL
« Last post by x66 714 on Today at 03:01:56 AM »
I wonder if that should be 332665?...Joe
Originality / Re: 68 Big Block Coupe Spare Tire Floor Bracket Location
« Last post by cook_dw on Today at 02:33:23 AM »
Here are measurements from the green car.

Trans-Am Camaros / Re: New "Muscle Car" digital magazine available
« Last post by 1968RSZ28 on Today at 01:53:34 AM »
We're doing a feature on this car in Issue 2 of Muscle Car Digital Magazine. Not a factory car, but one with an interesting and colorful history regardless.

Outstanding! 1968 Rally Sport Z/28, the sexiest Camaro of all first gens!

Trans-Am Camaros / Re: New "Muscle Car" digital magazine available
« Last post by Steve Holmes on Today at 01:41:48 AM »
Steve great stuff, really enjoy the magazine ! is that the rookie driver in the drivers seat of the Ware Camaro   ;)

Mike (group/7) in Canada

Thanks Mike, I really appreciate that. Sitting in the drivers seat of the Ware family Camaro is young Rick Ware, Johnny Ware's son. Rick eventually raced this car once or twice in the 1980s before it was sold, and before he went on to establish Rick Ware Racing, running teams in NASCAR Sprint Cup, Xfinity series, Craftsman Truck, ARCA, plus AWA motocross etc. I guess racing was in the blood from an early age.
1968 - Orphans / Re: Z28 MO on MPLS CL
« Last post by 1968RSZ28 on Today at 12:44:41 AM »
It's maybe only worth that to one person
The guy with the car it came out of  :-\

And at that price, it better have the original alternator, carburetor, distributor, intake, etc. included!

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