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Garage Talk / Re: Swap Meet Pick
« Last post by BULLITT65 on Today at 05:31:22 AM »
Thats funny. I brought the same chair to the last car show I attended with Jack92584, and Zak, and they were giving me a hard time, saying that my chair was a "classic", and it looked like I got it from the titanic.... ;D
Thanks Lynn, That is a very good comparison between the original and service replacements.  That is a good reference showing the measurement for the thin or thick front seal.

One thing that I would like to bring up, but not to bring 67-68's in this.  I saw in the 68 Z28 oil pan thread, post #10 (link in my first post above) that Jerry (1968 Z28) mentioned that he found in the 1969 parts manual that the 1969 pan was 3974251, vs. the P&A catalog stating it was 3961398.  The 1969 parts manual also stated the pn# 3927134 was for BOTH 1967 and 1968 302.  It has been determined by original survivor cars and known experts that 67 and 68 302 oil pans are definitely different!

I have always heard that GM did not change the part number unless the part actually changed in some form or fashion.  So, If 67 and 68 302 pans are different, why or how are they the same part number?  I suspect the same thing is going on with 69 with these two part numbers being listed for the 1969 302, 3974251 and 3961398.

I do realize that the only answer is going to come from an NOS example, or a close study among all part numbers and parts books.  At least, I would like to find out if there were actually two production line 1969 302 oil pans, or a parts book FUBAR!

Excellent work Mike!
Foreign Camaros / Re: Another Antwerp camaro
« Last post by 69Z28-RS on Today at 04:41:09 AM »
Neat car.. :)     Was 'Matador Red' the actual original color for the Camaro??   I didn't think Chevrolet used Matador red after the late 50's.. (or at least the name?)...
Restoration / Re: Paint Color Question
« Last post by KurtS on Today at 04:06:10 AM »
NOR or LOS car?
Garage Talk / Re: Swap Meet Pick
« Last post by z28z11 on Today at 03:17:05 AM »
If Vince sat in this chair for any length of time, then we know the reason for his early retirement.

Mr. Cook was flat on one side when he stood up from this, left early complaining of a sore rear end, or something closely akin to me being a pain in his rear for complaining about the deals he found. We banned rare396bronze from attending two days in a row for the same reason - like a human vacuum cleaner of good parts. Partsnado -

All in jest -
Here you go Bryan.  At least some info.  Can't help with PN.

I have seen no REAL assembly line Z/28 oil pans on ebay in a while.  I see MANY of the "NOS" pans that were still available for $90 from Scoggin Dickey up until just a few years ago.

I have two assembly line pans here.   I will look for date codes, but don't remember seeing one on a pan.  Have one that needs cleaned, so maybe I can look tomorrow.
Garage Talk / Re: Swap Meet Pick
« Last post by ko-lek-tor on Today at 02:39:07 AM »
I think it says somewhere on there,"Property of Chevrolet Motor Division, if Found, Return at Once". I'll help by making the call for ya D.W....nice score.
Foreign Camaros / Re: Another Antwerp camaro
« Last post by Factorysunroof68 on Today at 02:25:45 AM »
Foreign Camaros / Re: Another Antwerp camaro
« Last post by Factorysunroof68 on Today at 02:20:12 AM »
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