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 on: August 20, 2014, 04:25:53 PM 
Started by tomrchaz - Last post by bcmiller
Sometimes the date code stamps are very light.  Have you tried removing the paint in that area?

I believe DG wheels are 14 x 6.  Z28 wheels are 15 x 6.

Go here.  Scroll down to the application table.

 on: August 20, 2014, 03:23:51 PM 
Started by Ue - Last post by bcmiller
I would agree with the possibility of a Super Shifter being in there at one time.  

Can you take a picture from the underside?  
Go to this link and scroll down to the Transmissions section.

An original 67 floor shift and 68 manual transmission floor shift tunnel will look like this.

Someone does make that reinforcement plate as a reproduction part now.

 on: August 20, 2014, 03:17:28 PM 
Started by tomrchaz - Last post by BSMIT59
I think that the 67 Z28 and the SS350 are the only models that those wheels were available on as an option with 70 series sport ovals......................

 on: August 20, 2014, 03:02:03 PM 
Started by BSMIT59 - Last post by BSMIT59
I'm not very computer geeky so I'm having trouble posting pics. When i decipher the issue I'll post.

Thanks for your input BC

 on: August 20, 2014, 01:45:40 PM 
Started by 69ZX77MP - Last post by 69ZX77MP
Originally M20 converted to M21 gears  Jan 26 1969 built

 on: August 20, 2014, 01:36:46 PM 
Started by BSMIT59 - Last post by bcmiller

I am pretty sure that 3.31 was the standard ratio with SS350 in 1967. QL is the code for 3.31 open. If it has a posi in the housing, then it was added.

 on: August 20, 2014, 12:51:23 PM 
Started by Swede70 - Last post by Swede70
Thanks Jon,

Some items on the model will be used to form patterns on other material prior to finishing and fitting the same, with the dash cluster chief among these.  I'm hoping to cut or trim some reasonably thin hobby aluminum sheet for the cluster overlay, while for carefully drawing out the checkered pattern and further consultation with regards to photos, mask out and paint over the resultant panel with some appropriately frosted aluminum shade.  It's nice to finally focus on smaller matters versus endlessly mulling how I'll not be able to achieve some satisfying final result without the right rolling stock, the right flare contour reproduction or an appropriately fitted cage. 

...and now for some vintage Trans-Am History Detectives (ala the PBS series mind you)

Although perhaps to be followed up upon with a neat story/photo feature, a fun local discovery was made in relation to the G.G. days ago.  There exist various local sites that have historical interest to the vintage SCCA Trans-Am crowd here across SE Michigan, whereas the most well known might be the original buildings that constitute the Kar Kraft facilities in nearby Brighton, MI.  Of course, if one is sensitive to where the factory Trans-Am Mustangs were first fabricated, this is an important site and worthy of a pilgrimage if you will.  Anyhow, some curiosity existed within myself to seek out the residential property depicted in the period Motor Trend article where the Gray Ghost is being serviced/overhauled between race dates.  Just some suburban split-level in the middle of who knows where, children's bikes scattered about on the lawn up front, etc., while in total the very epitome of a low-buck effort/factory engineers on holiday.  Perhaps not the gates of Ferrari in Modena this, but given what I'm doing, significant enough.  Ownership of the topic on the part of this enthusiast? Check! 

Anyhow, closely reviewing odd copies Competition Press and AUTOWEEK (sorry to shout!) from late '71 I came across a classified advertisement relating that sponsorship would preclude fielding of the west coast races by Team Trans-Action, and that immediately after the MIS contest the Gray Ghost would be available for sale.  A Waterford, MI. address was afforded, while a small photo and telephone number rounded out the ad.  Hmm - was this the old Herb Adams residence, and might this be the property seen in the aforementioned Motor Trend feature story?  A quick visit to the library and research on the property revealed that address particulars had evolved and shifted (town and postal code in particular), whereas apparently the house itself was constructed in 1968 - so far, so good...

Wishing to respect the privacy of others and definitely not intending to telegraph as some confirmed Certified Web Creep, I nevertheless generated some typically scattered and all-but-incoherent MapQuest directions to the property under analysis - this approximately an hour away from where I'm based.  Fun it was to discover an address approximately half a mile away from Waterford Hills Road Racing proper - one could almost (almost) scurry a racing vehicle with open exhaust to the track sans trailer if the dare or wager was sufficient to prompt an attempt, whereas for allowing for the foliage growth, revisions to the property, etc., here indeed was the place.  Within the MT feature photograph the outline and pattern of the chimney seems to constitute the most obvious marker, while this matched exactly... 

Determined not to make a human spectacle of myself, scare children, etc. I did not linger long, although I do believe it would be worth it to compile a small packet of material to afford the current owner insight into some otherwise obscure history while also politely asking permission to reproduce the image, this to be done on some otherwise quiet Waterford Hills race weekend with my model set upon a platform in the foreground.  No strictly high hopes maintained if you will, but hopefully they'd recognize the request as being good natured and construe cooperation as harmless enough.  We'll see then...

Mike K.-

 on: August 20, 2014, 11:49:33 AM 
Started by Ue - Last post by L78 steve
My 69 shifter hole looked like that, It had a Super Shifter installed.

 on: August 20, 2014, 11:35:54 AM 
Started by BSMIT59 - Last post by BSMIT59
The SS 350 has a december date with a QL code 1967 w/ 3.31 posi

The sport coupe I haven't got the housing cleaned up enough to read yet but it has a positraction plastic tag on the fluid fill plug

 on: August 20, 2014, 09:35:21 AM 
Started by Ue - Last post by janobyte
As usual ,I agree with you Cook. Never had to cut mine and over the years I had a Hurst Comp shifter and a B & M Ratchet when it had the auto . No bells and whistles were on it however. Something like a Cheetah (superior Smiley has a lot of beef under it.

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