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General Discussion / Re: block boring
« on: January 26, 2006, 05:36:54 PM »

From what I have been told, it is better to re-sleeve than continue trying to bore. I haven't done either as of yet, boring continues to reduce the thickness of the walls decreasing the strength, I have been told it can cause, if over done, piston slap. Like I stated this is what I have been told. I'm new at this also and have gotten a ton of great information from the people here at CRG!


    Unless it is a block that has big value - boring past a certain point isn't worth the risk of hitting water or in the case of a daily driver, the over heating / ring seal problems that will likely come with it...
    Piston slap isn't created by the boring process - its just a function usually, of poorly sizing the newly bored cylinders to the new pistons that would (should) be used in the process.
    I have no experience with sleeves - but would expect that unless its a big dollar situation (read non-daily driver vehicle) that it would too cost prohibitive for most owners to do, let alone the majority of most machine / engine shops to accomplish properly and well.
    For the availability of most any small (or big - for that matter) blocks, especially for situations where the vehicle isn't a collector piece requiring matching numbers - anything over a .030" bore would probably prompt me personally to look for another subject block to spend my $$'s on - especially if the goal was to use it for a long time or under severe conditions such as racing... IMHO  --Randy

General Discussion / Re: 2009 Camaro Pictures
« on: January 14, 2006, 04:32:56 PM »
I agree with Buds 396. I saw the red car yesterday at the LA Autoshow and it does have an attitude. It's much better in person than in the pics.

Just my rant for the day...

   Two schools of thought going on here obviously...

First - we should just be grateful that GN has seen fit to grace us with a new model and dust off the camaro badge to name it...

Second - we think it looks like crap because it isn't a retro model that competes with the new Mustang and Challenger retro models...

  I agree it may be nasty looking in person and perform great or better than any other manufacturer's models - but didn't the last gen of Camaros do a lot of that already? And what happened to it?
  If GM wants to gain some temporary press this new camaro model will do that. As with the new Corvette -GM technology will WOW everyone and it will spank the others in performance and new design with it's 22" wheels etc. and all and the younger crowd would love to buy one - but find out they can't for the most part because the tag will be too high. Unlike the Corvette which is only intended to be a flagship and not make GM much if any $$'s, the Camaro name will end up tarnished and interest will fade because of lagging sales - sound all too familiar? Meanwhile the Mustang (and other models) will flourish and feed those who manufacture them a steady flow of cash to buoy them through the tough times - sound again all too familiar?...
  GN doesn't see the forest for the trees and hasn't for years. If they produced a good retro model with decent mechanicals and price, they would certainly capture all of those who wish to in some small part to pay homage to the sixties when the muscle cars were king - except for those poor wayward souls who are so brand loyal that they would end up on the short stick again, just as their forefathers in the sixties and seventies did.
  Instead GM will choose to put out a hot performing, over priced model that not many can afford to buy, with looks that further splits their market...
         The only things that will be retro with this new camaro model will be:
 it will come out well after the Mustang (and others) have - just like the sixties...
 it will certainly outperform those other models - just like the sixties...
 it will capture a following that are proud to own and drive one because of styling and performance features that appeal to them - unfortunately it will be a small following - unlike the sixties...   
  The difference between now and the sixties with this model will lie in the fact that (and a lot of this may again sound all too familiar) not many will be able to afford to buy one - not enough will be attracted to it's looks to want one - and sales will lag. Because of these issues the Camaro name will again be destined for obscurity within it's model / platform year.
  With much of the same short sightedness that forced GM to abandon the last Camaro generation line, allowed them to walk away from the money making rear engine police / taxi cab market giving it exclusively to Ford, and now the design limitations that are threatening their truck lines - GM seems to be afraid to take a chance on even things that seem to be almost sure bets even in today's times. Maybe it's just a case of being overly egotistic and thinking they know better than the buying public what we really want!
  They don't seem to be able to see it through the red haze produced by all that red ink... 
  Many in this CRG group have first gen Camaros because of GM brand loyalty and design heitage - GM seems to be the ones that have forgotten both in their foreign ties to other manufacturers producing many parts and current models that make their products look like eveyone else's without much of the price advantages and /or quality built in...
Case in Point...
  There is a kid in my neighbourhood who just bought a new Mustang - slime green with black stripes, this summer. Sometimes when I see him coming down the street from a good distance,(poor eyesight, i grant you somewhat) I have to catch myself thinking it's another restored Mustang tooling around that I haven't seen before - then realize the styling of the '05 model differences and he and his new car. It's what a new retro Camaro should do for all of us GM folks - but won't obviously from these '09 camaro pictures!
 That kid loves his new car to death - covers it up nightly - doesn't even drive it if it looks remotely like it could rain, and spends an unGodly amount of time tinkering and polishing the Hell out of it. He went way in the hole to get it NOT because he was a Ford fanatic, (he traded his lowered Mazda pimpmoblile in on it) but because it looks like all of those cars he has seen in magazines for years restored. It reminds me just how I felt about my new '68 when I was the same age.
  I almost selfishly wish GM would do the same, just so I could see through my own eyes how I would have looked to someone my age now - 37 years ago! - Randy   

General Discussion / Re: 2009 Camaro Pictures
« on: January 08, 2006, 02:34:35 AM »
   If that is supposed to what we have all been waiting for - its a huge disappointment to me at least. The new Mustang although much moderized, still has a lot more styling built into the basic shape of the body itself that lets you know in no uncertain terms what it is and it's heritage at a single glance.
   This new camaro look, (I'm using no capital 'c' intentionally here) if the picture shown is a good representation, aside from the induction hood, eggcrate grille, some side window shape, and the rear quarter immitation grilles doesn't give much of a '69 let alone earlier model feel in my estimation - rather it looks a lot like it could be more of a knockoff of one of the new Chrysler models than an early Camaro design.
    I know I'm may be being a bit anal about it - but after having waited this long and watching GM act on it well after just about anybody else who has chosen to do retro models has them out - I would have expected something better. Considering how the GM design guys already had lots good stuff to work from with their own first gen designs over the Ford and Chrysler people in my honest opinion, I would consider they have dropped the ball again if this one ever comes to be...
   As proven with the last generation of Camaros, you can throw in great mechanicals and at decent prices - but if it isn't dressed in a body package that appeals to the masses - it won't sell squat!   
    I still think it looks like it could be hiding a FWD chassis - please tell me my worst fears are not going to come true in that respect... --Randy

Restoration / Re: 68 cacaro rear spring, front mount.
« on: November 28, 2005, 10:06:23 PM »

   All that holds the front spring bracket to the body is three captured or clip nuts and their bolts... Seems hard to believe - but thats all there is to keep it all together. The spring bracket locates up into a reinforced pocket in the floor section as you I'm sure have seen and the three bolt and captured nut arrangements per side just help keep everything in place. Cutting the bolt heads off with a dremel, grinder, or fire wrench is the only way to remove them if the nuts are spining - getting the remaining bits out isn't easy but can be done if your patient enough, but not necessary normally...     --Randy-- 

General Discussion / Re: Ben & Lana Wenzel in Automobile Accident
« on: November 24, 2005, 10:00:38 AM »

I just wanted to let all of you know that Ben and Lana Wenzel were in an automobile accident yesterday. I don't know all of the details right now, only that Ben is okay but Lana is in the hospital. I will post any new information as it becomes available. Ben has been like a big brother and mentor to me for many years, please keep both Ben and Lana in your prayers over this Thanksgiving weekend.

For those that don't know Dave and Ben Wenzel, they race a 1967 Z28 in stock eliminator that Ben purchased brand new (only 602 were produced). The Wenzel Brothers had an incredible 2005 season winning the division and finishing 8th in world points.

Jerry MacNeish
Camaro Hi-Performance

  Jerry - Sorry to hear about the Wenzel's - my wishes for a speedy recovery from this ordeal for both of them...
        They are very nice people who I was fortunate to meet at the Route 66 race in Chicago this Fall. I had seen pictures of their car posted on the web in past years and when I spotted it parked in a trailer in the pits I immediately stopped and introduced myself as a 'fellow Z owner' (although '68 version). They and their nephew were very accomodating in discussing the car and its long and unique history with with me. This all occurred just after Ben broke out in the finals of their class by a couple of thousands. and even though obviously bummed out by the outcome, he still took the time to accomodate my many questions and put up with my picture taking...
        True racers - genuinely nice people - real treasures in NHRA drag racing and the Camaro community. 

Restoration / Re: 68 rear bumper blues
« on: October 29, 2005, 06:39:03 AM »

   John & Arno:

    Thanks for your input on these pieces. It sounds like a lot of the feedback I've received is fairly true and I should be grateful to those in the business of selling bumpers that have been honest in their assessments of them, to me...
    I hope in the future that someone would come out with quality pieces (would imagine there is a fairly big market for whoever ends up producing some good stuff) but until then, I guess I for one will have to wait - as shipping alone from my area into the States for rechroming would be very costly and they would most likely end up back here worse than they originally left.
   Thanks again for your responses...   Randy     

Restoration / Re: 68 rear bumper blues
« on: October 27, 2005, 07:07:03 PM »


      I can't respond with any definative info regarding your question about the fit of the bumpers you have - but I have been for some time been considering new repop bumpers for my '68 Z and was wondering how you would rate the quality of the reproduction bumper finish compared to original?
      I have heard many horror stories from just about all of the distributors of these things who cared to be honest enough in remarking about how the chrome and fit couldn't compare with NOS or original stuff and honestly it has prevented me from buying any to this point. Most responses were along the lines of "if you want good stuff or your car is show quality have your originals rechromed as it's the only way to get any decent ones these days other than NOS ($$$) ones". If I could find a reputable rechromer within reasonable distance to me I would probably have done this some time ago, but...
      Aside from your problems fitting yours (maybe in some part due to the issues I had heard about and possibly not) how would you rate the overall chrome / finish quality?
                                                                                                                                    Thanks for your trouble --Randy--

General Discussion / Re: attention nutmeggers
« on: October 19, 2005, 09:58:39 PM »
Click on your name, on the left side under Modify Profile, click on Forum Profile Information.  I have a pic of my car on my personal web page, so I just used the "I have my own pic" option and typed in the link.  i don't know if the upload option works or not but you might try it.  Good luck.

   Thanks - I have tried the using 'my own picture' option a taking one off my hard drive and even tried using a file picture as small as 20kb thinking it must be the file size that it didn't like, with no luck - although the profile section doesn't stipulate a size limitation if there in fact is one... It must be something else I'm not doing correctly I guess.
   Is there any section that I may have missed that defines file (picture) size limitations for general posting or attaching files into the message body so I'll know what to expect if I try that?

General Discussion / Re: attention nutmeggers
« on: October 19, 2005, 08:25:33 PM »

   Off topic some here I grant you - and probably a really dumb question which I may be embarassed I asked - but...

             How do you get those neat avitars (think that it is what they are called) to work for you. I searched for how to set one up in the user profile set up info and maybe its just me - but I didn't see anything that mentioned one or hinted as to how to make them work. Thanks from an obviously not so literate computer-type...   --Randy--

General Discussion / Re: Members from old forum version please post here
« on: October 19, 2005, 08:14:45 PM »


             I was fortunate to enjoy the previous forum format for a few of years and expect this one will be as informative and enligtening as that one was... Thanks - dutch

General Discussion / New Forum...
« on: October 17, 2005, 11:31:32 PM »

   Great new look - some of it will take some getting used to - but refreahing to say the least... 


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