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Note: Items 1 through 6 are interior-related information that are located on other CRG pages.

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  2. Features of the Custom and Special Interior Options
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Interior-related facts located on this page are:

  1. Camaro Interior Color Estimates
  2. Rear Seat Armrest Usage
  3. Z28 Tachometers
  4. Woodgrain Trim Usage

Camaro Interior Color Estimates

There are no known official production numbers on interior colors from GM. However, the CRG database for 1967-69 Camaros is large enough to generate some estimates on interior color usage as a percentage of total production. These estimates were derived by combining all seat models of the same color (i.e., standard and deluxe interiors and bucket and bench seat models of the same color were combined).

The five main interior colors for each year are listed below, meaning that some of the lower production colors such as turquoise are not shown. Black standard interior was the most common color interior for all three years, consisting of approximately 40% of production. (In the table below, the percentages include both standard and custom interiors.)

These estimates should not be combined with the exterior color use estimates because color combinations were not a uniform distribution. Certain interior colors, such as red, would only be used with a limited number of exterior colors. Color combinations such as a green exterior and a red interior probably (hopefully) never occurred.

1967-69 Camaro
Interior Color Estimates

  Color   1967    1968    1969
  -----   ----    ----    ----
  Black    57%     55%     57%
  Blue     15      14       8 
  Red       8       5       3
  White     5      10      15 
  Gold     11      10       -   
  Green     -       -      14


Rear Seat Armrest Usage

On 1967 models, all convertibles, all hardtops with a fold-down rear seat, and all hardtops with the custom/deluxe interior got rear armrests - the rest did not.

On 1968 and 1969 models, all convertibles and all hardtops with a fold-down rear seat got rear armrests - the rest did not.


Z28 Tachometers

Tachometers were optional in 67, 68, and early 69 Z28's. Tachometers were a required part of the Z28 package starting in the May/June 69 timeframe.

During the 1969 production year, the Z28 used three tachometers.
In chronological production order:


Woodgrain Trim Usage


Black textured trim was the only available trim for the center dash panel on 1967 Camaros. Woodgrain trim was not used in 1967.


Black textured trim was the default for the center dash panel on 1968 Camaros. But ordering either a console, special interior trim, or custom interior added walnut woodgrain to the center dash panel. The grain of the applique is vertical - Firebird used the horizontal woodgrain. The ashtray on the earlier woodgrain cars was a smooth black. In approximately the Feb/March 68 timeframe, the ashtray changed to a woodgrain ashtray that matched the center panel.


The following table shows the application of woodgrain trim to the 1969 Camaro, as a function of model and option.
D55 is console, Z23 is special interior trim, and Z87 is custom interior.

The woodgrain trim on the instrument cluster is by the wiper switch and the radio controls. The woodgrain for the steering wheel shroud is only applicable to the standard 2-spoke wheel. The optional woodgrain wheel did not have a shroud. The woodgrain on the passenger side dash includes the ashtray door and the glovebox door.

1969 Woodgrain Trim Application
             Instrument  wheel    Pass. side
    Model      cluster   shroud      dash
   --------  ---------- --------  ----------
   Base car      no        no         no
   with D55     yes        no         no
   with Z23     yes       yes         no
   with Z87     yes       yes        yes


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