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Re: Repo delco moraine boosters.
« Reply #30 on: December 26, 2010, 12:05:43 AM »
Merry Christmas everyone...
the topic has bcome a 'little heated'  :o

In all fairness to Steve, the following statement might  imply that there is only one correct finish and that only one shop accomplishes that... I can understand Steve,  becoming a little frustrated.

Most are done now in yellow zinc which is too bright.......and not original.  We still rebuild (all in house @CHP) and have the original "gold cad" plating on the boosters that we restore.  Only one plating shop in our area tha does the factory cad plating now.  I don't think there are any platers in CA that do factory correct original cad anymore thanks to Pelosi, Feinstein and other nitwits in CA that run their government.


As far as the photographs of the inside.... that is indeed a good indicator of what I'd like my booster to look like. Wouldn't matter to me if it was zinc or gold cad... but if the inside looked like that, then heck the outside must have looked like that at one time, no?

And while I trust Jerry's expertise and knowledge, the testing done in 1980's would require some serious analysis.  Even today it is common to use things like mass spectrometry to analyze the components and proportions of individual metals in a coating. This is not cheap. So without a new analysis of an original booster's interior, we can agree to disagree.  One thing for certain is everyone agrees that there is certainly a lot of 'over-restoration' of many car parts..... the bright blue clips on the brake line's comes to mind.

I certainly agree with Jerry, that if you have a good looking original part, then do not restore it. If you feel the need to have a booster restored I'd be  very happy with a booster restored by either of these gentlemen.
When someone tells me it's the wrong plating, I'll just smile and nod my head.  ::)
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Re: Repo delco moraine boosters.
« Reply #31 on: December 26, 2010, 10:00:41 PM »
Welcome Steve and thanks for joining the conversation.

I have some boosters apart and the insides look just like the pictures that Steve G. posted.
The exteriors would have looked the same as the interior new, but oxidize over time.

Knock out the sniping at each other. It may happen on other forums, but it is not acceptable here.



I would like to express one point to Steve Gregori regarding this whole thread and what has been written.  

Steve, I have NEVER tried to sell our work over yours or promote that we are the only shop that does boosters……..or that we do better work!  I want to make that clear!  On the contrary, I have referred many people to you when it comes to someone who needs a booster buffed to remove pits and restored.  I have always spoken highly of your work.  So please, don’t insult me here.  

In this thread I stated that I did a lot of research on the plating back in the 1980’s.  Cadmium work that we did at the Applied Physics Lab looked VERY similar to what the inside of the boosters that you posted here.  What I am stating is that it is my professional opinion through the research I’ve done that boosters were cadmium plated, not zinc.  And that the same shiny rainbow patina with good quality cad plating will look very much the same as the bright yellow zinc.  We have restored thousands too and I know what the plating inside the booster looks like.  

To say that the PHD’s, engineers and lab people I worked with “missed something” in their plating analysis is in very bad taste……..they are a hell of a lot smarter that you and I put together.  Larry Christensen who is also a certified Diamond master judge and well known restorer in the hobby has stated that brake boosters were cadmium plated and not zinc.  This is his research too.

The booster on my survivor Z28 is original.  When the second owner bought the car in 1990, he had sent it down to me.  I told him that it should not be restored because it was a very original booster.  It was not restored and installed back on the car.  Even if it is not to your liking, it’s on the car and will stay on the car as is.

Mr. Shauger and I don’t see eye to eye in the hobby.  And when ever there is an issue that comes up and he’s involved along with myself, there is a mission to make me and my business look bad.

All that said, I want to wish all on this forum, and Steve Gregori,  a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year.


I guess some clarification is needed Mr. McNeish. First, I have been using Steve Gregori’s services for over 15 years. That being said I find his plating accurately replicates factory finishes and to be top notch. There are certainly others but he has never let me down.

As you and others know survivor cars are my passion. I own several survivors cars and  I’m intimately involved with the Vintage Certification program who focus is on unrestored cars, Bloomington Gold Survivor Zenith Board and AACA judging as well. I make note of this as an example of my commitment to and experience in this segment of the hobby.

You showed your 67 Z engine compartment as a reference for correct booster plating. Simply stated that engine compartment including the booster has been restored. This is not just my opinion as you know and it’s documented in our certification. My posts were not personal in nature. I do feel however referencing the engine compartment as an unrestored survivor does a disservice to those cars that are and to the hobby. I have posted a picture of the engine compartment of your 67 Z for others to decide. I had to resize the photo for posting, but I do have  high resolution photos that show the details.

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Steve Shauger
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Re: Repo delco moraine boosters.
« Reply #32 on: December 27, 2010, 04:39:17 AM »
The engine bay in this car was not restored.  There was touch up but it was not restored.  All of the firewall and inner fenders are original, and much more.  This car is one of the nicest original examples of a 67 Z28, and with full docs.   

I know all about the Vintage certification.  We will just have to agree to disagree.  I think I know enough about these cars to know what's what and in the case of the booster, it was not restored.  I told the 2nd owner not to restore it because although the rainbow patina was gone, I would not restore it.  I was involved with learing about this car and seeing it for a CHP originality certification back in 1991. 

Mr. Kreafle had several issues with the way he was treated at the ACA Vintage Certification and came to me for advise at that event.  He was also told that the car was clear coated.  This car was not clear coated.  There were many issues but all of this is not relevant to the topic here.  More research will be done to confirm cad vs zinc on the brake boosters.

I am also trying to locate Dave Libby who was an engineer at the tech center.  Dave had access to all GM blue prints.  I am hoping that he will be able to end the debate once and for all.



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Re: Repo delco moraine boosters.
« Reply #33 on: December 27, 2010, 05:28:17 PM »
The sniping back and forth has continued. The personal attacks aren't acceptable here.

Until such time that more data becomes available, this thread is closed.
Kurt S