Author Topic: Moog tie rod end boots won't come off !  (Read 1407 times)


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Moog tie rod end boots won't come off !
« on: December 24, 2012, 01:56:33 AM »
I have new Moog tie rod ends for my '68. I want to prime and paint them. I wanted to remove the boots so I could paint under them a little ways and not have to mask off around the edges of the boot. I CAN'T GET THEM OFF! I pulled as hard as I can with my hands and they won't budge. I tried prying with a screwdriver just a little bit and that didn't work either. It is liked they are glued on........I have a new Moog idler arm and I can pull that boot right off.

I read of people getting new tie rod ends but using their original boots. They must get the new boots off somehow.

Will these tie rod boots come off?.....and is there a trick to doing it?