Author Topic: a/c and heater vaccum hose routing??  (Read 3053 times)


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a/c and heater vaccum hose routing??
« on: March 01, 2006, 02:39:02 AM »
 ???,i'm in the process of installing the harrison a/c unit back in the 69 firebird 400. i got the car in boxes and unfortunately nothing was marked, especially the vaccum hoses from the control unit onwards, i have all the components i'm sure , but need help for which thick green, thin green,orange thick and thin ,as well as the black on with the big "joiner" which is on a black hose, and i think one grommet with 3 holes and a split on the bottom might go through the firewall ??i am really stuck, i rebuilt the car and it's looking pretty nice,any help would be greatly appreciated, ps... hi to john z who gave me the gaps for my doors to the quarter and fenders, the project is almost done, i have all the jams,ect sprayed the original code 51...or is it 53?? the dark blue anyway,it's looking sweet so far as a tribute to you guys for helping me, i'm gonna do a first gen camaro,for now i'de like to get this one done, thanx 
thanks , mark