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Re: drive train
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I know this is a really old post regarding rear axles. Two questions arose regarding :1) 12 Bolt usage,2) Dated components vs. TT build date). I could have and probably should have started a new post, but felt knowing what prompted me to post was relevant. I really do not have a question, but merely wanted to add my observations from my three '69's. I figure the more information shared helps paint a mosaic of  the assembly practices. Hopefully, information divulged will not be used for fraudulent purposes. I have 3 Norwood built cars. 11D,12B,3E. The first 2 are SS cars with 12 bolts. the 11D is an L48 auto, BS1118(Nov18), The 12B has M20, BS1122 (Nov22). My 1st point is : These 2 cars have 12 bolts as expected and although there are 2 weeks + in build dates of the cars and over a spread of 13,000+ cars built in that period, there are only 2 days between build dates of axles.  The second point is: This regards my 3rd car, a 307 4speed 10 bolt. My 3E car (5th week of March) has a 10 bolt with build date of 0407 (April 7)! I don't know how much expediting went on back then, but safe to say some component dates can be real close. This car, although started on the Fisher side 3E (only 1 day in 5th week of March, I believe, but could have included 1st week of April), still could not have left plant any earlier than the 7th of April. I will also just note that according to CRG month by month production #'s by vin, This car was almost #5000 into the April Vin dates. So having a cowl tag date is not an absolute as to when component dates cut off. John Z has pointed out that Camaro production was 912 Camaros a day at Norwood (not sure if this applies by this date with Firebird production) . This would mean by Vin. this car was made possibly on 5th production day of April (excluding weekend) which was April 7th (Monday). Could the axle have been delivered and installed to Norwood the same day it was built? The car probably sat another day (8th) till rear was installed.
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