Author Topic: 1968 Z/28 distributors 1111266 to 1111467  (Read 3266 times)


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Re: 1968 Z/28 distributors 1111266 to 1111467
« Reply #15 on: October 16, 2017, 11:33:21 PM »
Chick - Has there ever been any consensus achieved in  this matter - or is it still on-going?


Unfortunately Randy at this timeframe no consensus but good news, still on-going. There are three 68 Z/28's with our 266 dated 7A25 with one engine built 12/20/67 and our two MO engines both built the following day 12/21/67. We can add to that Paul's 02D LOS 68Z who stated back years ago his original 302 had the same 266 7A25 distributor but I've failed to reach him thru PM's here asking for when his engine was built. Bottom line, our distributor even though I'm confident its original to the car was deemed to be too early of a date code and subsequently not acceptable for Legends Judging. I have discussed with Jerry recently and the probe for information continues but at this time what happened, happened and there are changes coming to our cars judge sheet. Hopefully we can continue to obtain information for not just our time frame but a perspective for the entire 68 Z/28 model year. I supplied Jerry with what information we have currently and we will continue the search for information.
Here is the link to Paul discussing his 02D LOS 68Z with 7A25 distributor.;all  Paul if you read this I'd greatly appreciate if you could let me know when your engine was built.
Everyone, keep the information coming for all 68 Z/28's! Trim tag LOS or NOR with date, engine built when and with what part# distributor and date code.
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