Author Topic: where can I find 69 Camaro shackle bolts?????????  (Read 9408 times)


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Re: where can I find 69 Camaro shackle bolts?????????
« Reply #15 on: November 29, 2012, 09:24:50 AM »
I used AMK a lot for correct fasteners on my restoration, and they are great, when you have a part # to refer to.   The only problem with AMK is they have a $30 minimum policy.  I used to make up a list, when I got around $30 I would place an order.  I have their catalog, and I did not see these bolts as a separate item.

I have never once, ever, flicked through their catalog and spent less than $30 in the 10-15 orders I've placed with them in the last 10 years..
Yesterday I spent $270 plus postage to down here. They have too much great stuff ! :)
Mind you, I have a fastener fetish and more than several tackle boxes full of "stock"..
Restoring my RHD 69 Jane in Melbourne, Australia.