Author Topic: Have you purchased 1967 vent window glass from Rick's / Ecklers?  (Read 1073 times)


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Have you purchased 1967 vent window glass from Rick's / Ecklers?
« on: February 22, 2012, 12:27:16 AM »
I recently purchased a date coded vent window glass from Ricks / Ecklers. When I received it, upon inspection I noticed two issues.
First, on the lower edge there was two pin holes that appeared to be a casting type marks. The bigger issue was that the hole for the vent window handle was not big enough.
As you know, the shaft of the mechanism is round but with two flat sides. Although the hole in the glass is oblong in shape, it is not wide enough to accommodate the vent window mechanism.
When I contacted Ecklers, they told me "we have not had issues with this supplier in over 12 years." But then in place of helping me, they gave me the phone number of the supplier and told me to call them. Really?
The supplier is Pilkington Glass. The next couple of weeks were a comedy of errors, but finally, they send me what they said was the "correct" glass.
Upon inspection tonite, there was not much difference in the fit. The hole for the mechanism is just not wide enough. But, the pin holes were not there.  :)
Finally, here is my question.
Has anyone else had this experience? Should I just accept the fact that I will need to take this to an auto glass shop and have them grind out the hole a bit to get the mechanism to fit?
I am sure the vent window mechanism is the correct original mechanism.

Thanks in advance.
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