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« on: June 19, 2011, 03:17:52 PM »
Hello all I am new to this forum. I believe are Camaro is one of these rear birds, We have a 1968 camaro with a 327 it has a 4 speed transmission original saginaw transmission (ALTHOUGH NOT IN THE CAR WE HAVE REPLACED WITH A MUNCIE) but we still have it. This car also has dual exhaust that was original to the car and a 12 bolt rear end. It also has the proportional valve for the breaking system.  Which is what started us searching because we couldn't figure out why are car had this valve, Also we start buying parts to replace the 10 bolt rear end to a posi unit (but we never looked under the car). Low and be hold when we got closer to changing the rearend out my husband crawled under the car and look and it was 12 bolt not 10. We are the third owners of this car and have had it for about 30 years and just recently started working on it again. My understanding is there are not to many of these out there any help in verifying this would be greatly apperciated. I will gladly provide any information that is needed.  Thanks.


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Re: L30/M20
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 Need pics of the trim tag, VIN and any documents you have on paper.

Look at the very top of the page,  pick a topic and start reading.
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Re: L30/M20
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