Author Topic: Shifter id please  (Read 2438 times)


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Shifter id please
« on: March 26, 2011, 08:48:53 PM »
It's probably blatantly obvious to you guys in the know......but is this shifter original to the Sag or is it a Muncie shifter to suit an early Camaro  ???


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Re: Shifter id please
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2011, 11:07:24 PM »
It is stamped MUNCIE on the handle and it appears that it is for a '67 or '68 Camaro.  The same basic shifter was used for both the Muncie  and the Saginaw transmission....The one used for the Muncie transmission had MUNCIE stamped on the handle and the one used for the Saginaw transmission had nothing stamped on the handle.    The shifter rods were different for each transmission.
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Re: Shifter id please
« Reply #2 on: March 31, 2011, 09:15:03 AM »
not realy
both for muncie and saginaw have the MUNCIE stampted on. i own a 67 L30 M20 with the original saginaw gear box and my shifter is stamped muncie

Shifters - Manual Transmission
All 1967-69 Camaro 3-speed transmissions transmissions used Muncie shifters. 1967-68 Camaro 4-speed transmissions (Saginaw transmissions as well as Muncie) also used Muncie shifters.
The stock Muncie shifter was mounted by a bracket to the transmission crossmember and further supported by a longitudinal stabilizer. This caused problems in performance applications due to the transmission twisting under load and binding the shifter levers - causing many a missed shift. The stock Muncie 4-speed shifter was often replaced by the aftermarket Hurst Competition-Plus shifter. The Hurst shifter mounts directly to the transmission housing, instead of the transmission crossmember, which eliminates the shifter binding issue. The 67-68 Hurst aftermarket bracket used U-bolt around the tailhousing.

The Muncie shifter in 1967 was generally stamped "MUNCIE" on the handle, (we are still researching this - while there was only one part number in 1967, there are cars with unmarked handles).
In 1968 there were two part numbers. The Muncie shifter on the Saginaw was not stamped, while the Muncie shifter on the Muncie transmission was generally stamped "MUNCIE". There are known exceptions to this rule though.

1969 Camaro 4-speed transmissions (Saginaw and Muncie transmissions) used a factory installed Hurst shifter. The Saginaw transmission required different shift rods than the Muncie and the Muncie small block rods were different than the big block rods. The factory Hurst shifter was similar to the over-the-counter Hurst Competition-Plus model, but differed in the following ways:

Slip-in "bayonet" style round handle (stamped 5325) instead of bolt-on square handle.
No adjustment stop bolts.
Small-block and big-block cars each used unique shifter mounting plates bolted to the tailhousing. The aftermarket Hurst bracket bolted to the tailhousing, but was the same for both small-block and big-block.
OEM 69 shifters used molded rubber bushings for the rod ends. Aftermarket Hurst shifters used nylon or bronze bushings. Rebuilt or reproduction shifters use the 1970+ rubber insert bushings.
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