Author Topic: Wheel Well Trim for 68 RS  (Read 1418 times)


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Wheel Well Trim for 68 RS
« on: January 17, 2011, 04:30:37 PM »

I have read several posts on this subject, in several forums and I'm still confused...(Sorry).
(I hope no one gets offended that I am asking several forums the same question..but I have received mixed answers and really need some direction here)

I know that the rear wheel well trim on an RS is different..and I know that the part numbers are:

7795063 Right rear wheel molding
7795064 Left rear wheel molding

However, here is the confusion:  I have a been told that the front  is ALSO different on the RS  than on  regular trim.  But I cannot find a separate part number. I can only find the numbers below which  is for both trim styles.

9785880 Left front wheel molding
9785881 Right front wheel molding

To add to the confusion, I have booklet called: 68 Camaro Illustrated Facts (Features and Specification Manual). This book shows a picture of an RS and it clearly shows wheel trim that only goes to the horizontal trim and NOT below on front AND back wheels.  The booklet appears to be of the correct vintage and has very detailed specifications and feature list. (But no where can I find evidence that this is a GM manual.)

What is the correct part number for the front wheel well moldings for a '68 RS? Are the front wheel moldingon an RS  in fact different than the regular trim cars?

Clarification on this would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks and again my apologies for re-hashing this old topic.

Vic Brincat
1968 Camaro RS Convertible - 327


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Re: Wheel Well Trim for 68 RS
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2011, 06:37:30 PM »