Author Topic: any pics of a Z intake restored. looking for as it came from the factory look  (Read 7325 times)


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Jerry reskinned my 610 Z intake about 10 years ago, it's been on the car since '02, and still looks great. Definately recommended!     Larry


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Is that your car?  If so, what air cleaner do you use?  I bought a repro open element air cleaner.  It doesn't come close to fitting...

Chris B.

The stock air cleaner fits fine - some of the repros that are made to fit many applications don't accommodate the float adjusters on both ends of the 4053 carb. Are you sure the repro you have is for a Holley, and not for a Q-Jet?

Kind of side tracking the thread.  Sorry.

It is CHQ PN: W-813  The description says:

"..... 67-69 Camaro 302, 396, 68-69 Nova 396, 66-69 Chevelle 396, 65-69 Fullsize Chevy 427, 65-72 Corvette.

Officially Licensed GM Restoration Parts.
GM Part #: 6423272, 6423907, 6422188

W-813 . . . . . A ir Cleaner Assembly, Base, Chrome Lid & Filter
GM Part #: 6422188"

It does have reliefs for the float adjustment screws and vacuum secondary pod.  Just not enough...  I didn't check the GM part numbers.  But since they list those applications in the description, I assume they mean the Holley 4053 and/or 4 barrels w/ vacuum secondaries.?.?  It is also the only open element air cleaner CHQ sells...  They do mention it not fitting carbs w/ electric chokes.  It's a divorced choke on the 4053.

Anyway, I was just trying to confirm that they didn't fit as advertised.  At TMC, members say that in most cases they use spacers and other modifications to make them fit.  I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that...

Thanks for the information!