Author Topic: ZE radiator tag for 69 Camaro L/78 W/THM400  (Read 967 times)


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ZE radiator tag for 69 Camaro L/78 W/THM400
« on: February 23, 2010, 02:22:08 AM »
Hi all !

I'm looking for an original ZE tag for my 69 Camaro.  This was for a 3-core radiator
with straight neck for automatic transmission applications on L/78 cars.

I have checked several well known reproduction houses but none make this tag :o

One such reprduction house has offered to make the tag, but they need an original
tag to use for comparison/analysis.  I'm in a quandry.

Does any member here have this tag that they either want to sell or loan for the
reproduction process?  The latter is a tough one - I know.

69 SS 396, Hugger Orange, D/80, D/90
Chambered Exhaust, N/66, THM400, 3:73 posi

Steve A.