Author Topic: Advice on interior Restoration  (Read 7301 times)


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Re: Advice on interior Restoration
« Reply #15 on: May 12, 2011, 11:07:36 PM »
The dash pad is solid but the front of it is sorta peeled up and I don't know if a repair is possible. Thanks for suggestions

Repair the dash pad. All repos look bad. Remove it, trim the fiberglass along the front edge a little, then use "PL" polyurethane caulking as glue, and use large, plastic project clamps to clamp a staight edge to the dash along the front of the dash. Let dry at least overnight. Because the PL is flexable, it does not pull away when the dash gets hot in the sun. I tried many glues, and this stuff is still holding after 8 years.
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Re: Advice on interior Restoration
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2011, 10:50:54 PM »
I recently installed a 69 repro dash pad and although it looks good for the difference in price between it and NOS, I do not like it... what I do like is the fact that it has a METAL frame...
If it were for my own car (customer likes the pad and says he can't tell)...
I would peel the new pad off the metal inner structure.
Pull the styrene plastic backer out of the old pad   and
Attach the old pad to the new metal inner structure,

This way you have the correct width pad, the correct definition in the stitching details, & etc with the benefit of a Metal frame which will not deteriorate in the UV/heat. (I am much more ANAL than just about any customer)

BTW IF the original pad had a metal frame we wouldn't even be discussing this right now.

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