Author Topic: 67 axle, pics of date code 10 bolt  (Read 1579 times)


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67 axle, pics of date code 10 bolt
« on: February 14, 2008, 02:08:19 PM »
I got # PA 0510c1 next to last digit appears to be c, stamped passenger side & front side axle denotes 3:08 non pos.
The yoke\splines on driveshaft going into rear axle are approx. 1.5" too short, working but should be longer, I now
have 350 turbo W\6" tailshaft and what appears to be orig driveshaft, So what Im asking is about the differance in
length on the orig. tranny and some 10 bolt axle dat code pics if this could be orig. axle.