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« on: February 18, 2023, 09:18:24 PM »
After 18 years of ownership I am selling my 69 Z28 RS. I have so enjoyed the car over these years. This one and a 69 L78 Chevelle will be sold. The Z will be sold at RK Motors in Charlotte. The Chevelle is not ready to be sold yet so not sure where it will be sold.
I want to thank all the guys on this site that have helped me with my car. I really enjoyed it. I am not closing the door on my Camaro ownership may just pivot to a 67 SSRS convertible or another 69 Convertible.

Thanks again

'69 RS Z/28 65B, 711 Flat hood no spoiler, endura, 4:10 43K miles
69 X77 Z/28 69 69 711 Original Paint Unrestored (Sold)
'69 X66 Convertible 69B 712 auto, (Sold) 44K miles