Author Topic: 68 Z paperwork 7 cars  (Read 854 times)


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68 Z paperwork 7 cars
« on: July 31, 2021, 12:22:52 AM »
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When I purchased my 67 Z a few weeks ago, along with it came documentation relative to a #8-cylinder plug fouling issue. This information came in the form of field product reports. Basically, if a customer vehicle was having an issue and the dealer couldn’t resolve it, Chevrolet would dispatch a Field Service Engineer (FSE) to the dealer. Once the FSE assessed the situation and fixed or gathered data to supply the product engineering team (to root-cause the issue and formulate a fix) they would write a detailed report. These reports have the dealer, VIN and typically engine build stamp information. Additionally, it will document past work performed and what was done to the vehicle while the FSE was there. Lots of good information.
I have reports covering 7 VINs. All of them are on 68 Z28s. I would like to see if any of these vehicles still exist and if so, I will supply a copy of the information (at no cost) to the vehicle owner ONLY. I hate to be so tight with this information but there is so much abuse these days, I cannot provide to just anyone. So, if you have one of the VINs listed below, I would like to set-up a Zoom (or Facetime) meeting and have you show:
- Vehicle title in your name.
- Your driver license
These VINs are the only ones I have; I have no other documentation to share.
- 124378N320715
- 124378N391401
- 124378N409630
- 124378N411268
- 124378N413353
- 124378N469706
- 124378N478249
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