Author Topic: YJ date vs engine stamp date  (Read 1353 times)

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YJ date vs engine stamp date
« on: January 17, 2021, 05:50:20 PM »
Hello all,6 hr road trip yesterday to buy 4 YJ wheels w good tires. 1 date code really perfect and clear like the one in the forum. KI 9 04 30 YJ,others can make out the YJ really good,reading from outside in. All have the finger style rings and rims look like they have been on and off a good bit,scratched paint,also have been repainted a few times,flat center caps,seller says they all came off X 11 car that was heavily modified including rims changed. Fro doing search on here looks like I will have to demoing tires to look for code. My engine code is T 04 29 HB. 2 questions, should I just pretend all the rims are like the best looking one,or continue to look for 4 more with the correct date? Question 2, while doing search for rim info on this site ,came across 2016 post about Firestone white letter tire size. Currently on my 69 I have 15 X 8 Corvette rims with the 4 clip rings and derby caps ,put them on early 80s? ,when post says small letter tires ,what is the size of the letters for small vs large. Thanks in advance and good luck on all your projects. BTW the 69 I posted about earlier is still for sale with price drop.