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Posting guidelines
« on: March 31, 2007, 03:10:40 AM »
This CRG board attempts to re-connect loose documentation and VIN-stamped drivetrain components with their original vehicles.  This includes Camaro documentation such as window stickers, protect-o-plates, invoices, shippers, etc, and VIN-stamped engines and transmissions that have become separated from the original car. Hopefully we can help the orphaned item find the car that it belongs to.

Please include the item type and the VIN or partial VIN as part of the subject line, for example: "I just found POP 124679N567890" or "M20 trans 9L501122". If it's an engine or trans, you can include the complete VIN possibilities in the text of the post - "M20 trans, car VIN could be 124379L501122 or 124679L501122" - to help people who search their VIN via google or other search engines.

CRG would appreciate copies of any documentation and pictures of the engine pad and transmission stampings (emailed to

Please do *NOT* posts requests for documentation or drivetrain for your car. That will just clutter up the forum. Any such post will be deleted.

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