Author Topic: Side window glass installation questions ???  (Read 2084 times)


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Side window glass installation questions ???
« on: January 07, 2019, 06:07:46 PM »
This is my first time (zero prior experience) at installing the hardware on the side glass and then installing everything in the car. The glass is all new Pilkington. All of the hardware is original to the car except the one roller at the very bottom of each quarter window which are new.

1) How much should you tighten all of the connections to the glass? I have the special wrench for spinning these nuts on (with the two slots each). Should you tighten just till it feels firm? My concern is over tightening and cracking the glass.

2) All of the mounting holes in the glass are the same diameter as the original glass and are 1/16 inch larger than the hardware that passes through them. It's not a tight fit. So you have 1/16 inch wiggle room at each connection. This means you can wiggle your roller plate assemblies a little before you tighten them down to the glass......So my question is do you fully tighten them before installing the windows in the tracks or do you leave them loose enough to wiggle and them fully tighten them after they are in the tracks?

3) As I mentioned above, the rollers that sits by themselves at the bottom the quarter windows are new. These rollers are turnable by hand but are very stiff. I tried to work a little lubricant into them and they loosened just a little but they are still very stiff. Are they supposed to be stiff like this or supposed to turn freely?



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Re: Side window glass installation questions ???
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2019, 01:32:41 PM »
The rollers are not really rollers, they are more like sliders.
You MUST thoroughly lube the tracks with White lithium bar grease and if you didn't clean out the hardened grease in the door glass regulator transmissions then NOW IS THE TIME...
There are a couple of weep holes in the transmissions near the stub where the crank attaches.
 USING REALLY HOT HIGH PRESSURE WATER blast the chunks out then relubricate the transmissions using a suitable grease, I use MOBILE BLACK PEARL HIGH TACK GEAR LUBE.

Did you check to ensure your new glass is the same profile as the old glass?
Meaning did you put a towel down and lay them together to see if they nest with one another?

You could spend hours trying to get proper glass alignment to find out that the glass is not the correct shape.

What seals are you using? Original or Reproduction?
If you are using repro and it is not latex covered foam you could have problems getting a fit which you find acceptable if you are picky. 
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