Author Topic: 1967 Indy Festival Pace Cars with Bill Kuhn Chevrolet displayed on fender in '67  (Read 3699 times)


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I recently came across a couple of cool pictures showing two different 1967 Camaro convertible Indy 500 pace cars with the name of Indianapolis, Indiana Chevrolet dealer Bill Kuhn broadcast on the rear fenders.  One of the cars looks to be an SS 396 with the optional Mag Style wheel covers and red line tires.  The other looks to be just a rally sport (non SS) with the standard wheel covers and white wall tires.  Original Chevrolet documents show that Bill Kuhn was one of the Indianapolis Chevrolet dealers tasked with being able to "receive and make ready" a portion of the Festival Camaros. 

I found the pictures at a web site called, which is "the largest resource for identifying, researching and valuing antiques, art and vintage collectibles."  The two pictures were part of past auctions on Ebay.  They sold on April 11, 2015.  Part of the listing for each picture states, "this is an original photo taken at an unidentified parade back in 1967." 

I'm not sure if they were taken during the Indianapolis 500 Festival Parade that took place through the streets of Indianapolis on Sunday, May 28, 1967 or some other function.  According to the Official Program for the parade, there was an event that took place on Saturday, May 20, 1967 called the "Salute to the Armed Forces."  Since the one picture shows a Camaro full of military personnel, might this have been the event? 
Does anyone from Indianapolis recognize the building in the background?  You can see buy the stamp on the right side of each picture that they were developed in "June 1967." This is the right time frame for them to have been taken in May 1967. 

I was deep into pace car research back when these were being auctioned and I wonder how I missed these two cool pictures.  I have not seen these particular pictures before and I don't recall ever seeing "Bill Kuhn" written on any pace car before. 

Camaro SS 396 with Mag wheel covers:

Camaro with standard wheel covers:


1967 Indy 500 Festival Parade Official Program (page 5 has schedule of events):
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The car in the background changes too. The one car says "Dept of Interior, Veterans......."
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