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Vintage Camaro Certification @ Camaro Nationals
« on: November 23, 2005, 10:42:29 PM »
Vintage Camaro Certification is a judging program who's sole purpose is to recognize, provide status and promote un-restored (survivor) Camaros. We believe it is the only program that focuses on and documents survivor Camaros. Certifications are held annually at the Camaro Nationals @ Carlisle sponsored by American Camaro Association and held in conjunction with the All GM Nationals. We understand not every original car is 100% untouched, and we offer four levels of certification, based on the originality of the Camaro. Following is a list of a few cars we were fortunate enough to certify in previous years, a 1970 Dick Harrell 454 Conversion (Steve Sandlin), 19K mile 69 Yenko(Don Stowers), 14K mile 69 RS/SS L78(Jeff Boone), 9k mile 70.5 RS/Z28(Ben Arena),12Kmile RS/SS L48(Rick George), 22k mile 70.5 Z28 (Jack Seymore) This coming year we have several slots still available. The car doesn't necessarily need to rare, just original. If your Camaro is over 30 years old and think your car qualifies, or want to know more about our program email me at (631) 514-9765 It is truly amazing the jewels of information that can be learned from these benchmark cars. If you are into Camaros this is the show, June 23,24 & 25.

Steve Shauger

Vintage Camaro
Steve Shauger
Vintage Certification™ Program, Providing Recognition And Status To Unrestored Vehicles.  The Supercar