Author Topic: info:DZ engine for sale on CL..??  (Read 783 times)


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Re: info:DZ engine for sale on CL..??
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2016, 01:20:13 AM »
"1969 Z28 DZ 302 engine , intake to pan . Date stamped V0520DZ . It has a Camaro vin on the side by the oil filter , but I can't make all of it out . No pulleys or exhaust manifolds . As you see it is how I bought it from the previous owners estate .I do not know any history on it , but it does turn over easily . Someone changed the heads . I located a set of 186 heads to go with it which are on top of it in the pic. The 186 heads are 1.94 , not 2.02's so when they get reconditioned you can have them made into 2.02's if need be . I pulled 1 valve cover & it looks like the heads that are on it have very few miles on them because it still looked new under there . Comes with the flywheel & bell housing . The package is $4500.00 . Im not interested in offers . If interested and have the funds I can be reacked at Six09 42o 35o3 ."