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Vintage Certification @ MCACN 2016
« on: July 22, 2016, 07:49:24 PM »
Vintage Certification™  is again proud and excited to be a part of the MCACN experience. This is a must attend event. Come Join Us and have your car Vintage Certified at MCACN Nov 19th & 20th in Chicago

Vintage Certification™ is a judging program whose sole purpose is to recognize, provide status, provenance, and promote un-restored (survivor) vehicles. We believe it is the only program that focuses on documenting and benchmarking these cars. Our core certification team consists of Brett Merryman, Chris White, Alex Sahely, Frank Badalson, Roger Gibson, Steve Shauger and other marque specialists based on make and model. Each core team member possesses over 30 years experience as restorers, collectors, historians and judges in the hobby. Typically we spend 3hrs examining in detail every segment of your car including the underbody on a lift. To learn more about Vintage Certification visit our website at or the MCACN show at This is the perfect venue to have your vehicle certified. You will be among and exclusive group of enthusiast who participate in this exciting event.

We understand not every original car is 100% untouched, and we offer five levels of certification, based on the originality of the Vehicle.
Vintage Certifications™ five divisions:

Vintage Time Capsule - Vehicles that are 95+% unrestored in all reference areas
Vintage Legend - Vehicles that are 85+% unrestored in all reference areas combined.
Vintage Heritage - Vehicles that are 85+% unrestored in four reference areas.
Vintage Legacy - Vehicles that are 85+% unrestored in three reference areas
Vintage Reference - Vehicles that are 85+% unrestored in at least one reference area.

Reference Areas: Certification consists of two areas of consideration, Originality and Preservation. Reference areas are as follows:

• Engine Compartment Area
• Exterior Body
• Interior Body
• Underbody
• Trunk (except Corvette)

Vintage Certification Preliminary Roster:

We have a few certification openings, so please contact me ASAP to secure your spot.

I will update the complete list of participants shortly, but here’s preview.....
1968 RS/SS 396
1969 Z28
1969 COPO
1967 Olds 442
1971 Olds W30
1973 Pontiac Formula SD
1970 Superbird 440-6
1970 Superbird 440-6
1970 Superbird 440
1969 GTX Hemi
1971 Hemi Cuda
And other fine examples in process....

Also we have plenty of room for unrestored cars to join our Heritage Display. This area is exclusive to unrestored cars and again is display only, and a great area for like-minded owners to meet and discuss their cars, share their knowledge, learn, relax and enjoy....
Heritage Display:
1969 RS/Z28
1968 Z28
Steve Shauger
Vintage Certification™ Program, Providing Recognition And Status To Unrestored Vehicles.  The Supercar


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Re: Vintage Certification @ MCACN 2016
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2016, 04:24:22 AM »
will you be coming out west any time?
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Re: Vintage Certification @ MCACN 2016
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2016, 05:24:22 AM »
will you be coming out west any time?
X2 ;D

( I know that it is a midwest thing though)
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