Author Topic: Z-28 motor on craigslist los Angeles  (Read 3911 times)


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Z-28 motor on craigslist los Angeles
« on: March 03, 2016, 12:55:08 AM »
This is not my add.  I just came across it as I was searching for parts for my camaro.  Thought it might be of interest to someone hopefully.

Please Do Not Ask If This Engine Is Still Available. I will delete the ad when it sells.
I am offering a 1969 Z/28 Camaro DZ302 Complete Engine from the Factory Aluminum Intake to the Oil Pan and from the Water Pump to the Crank Flange. It is complete and running in the car right now and is available for your inspection. For this selling price I am selling the block, heads, crankshaft, camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, lifters, push rods, rockers, oil pump oil pan, large harmonic balancer, distributor, factory aluminum high rise intake manifold, aluminum Z/28 valve covers, alternator, new water pump, alternator brackets, distributor, ignition wires, deep groove water pump pulley, deep groove crank pulley, radiator, hoses, headers and timing cover. I will be keeping everything else including the car that is not for sale. When I bought the 1969 Z/28 Camaro that this engine is in I was told that it been rebuilt by the prior owner and when I recently pulled the valve covers off to inspect the numbers on the heads it was spotless underneath. The car had been in storage for awhile but I just spent $3,000 getting everything dialed in. The engine has great oil pressure and sounds great with the solid lifter cam going through the gears. The block casting number is 3932386. The block casting date is K-8-8 (11/8/68), the motor build date is V1113DZ (11/13/68). The 3927186 heads are dated H-1-8 (9/1/8) and H-8-8 (9/8/8). The partial VIN stamped on the block is 19N542933. You are welcome to inspect this engine before you bid because it is sold "as is" with no promises or guarantees. I will crate this engine and take it to the shipper of your choice in Orange county Ca. but the buyer will need to pay for all supplies and shipping charges. I would be willing to work a deal towards a complete 1969 427 / 425hp big block for another project. I would prefer something that is local.


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