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67 Air Conditioning
« on: July 19, 2015, 03:50:34 PM »
Just starting to look into loss of a/c compressor power on my 67. Looking at the diagrams, I see that this system uses a vacuum switch or two with electrical. I looked over the basics and all is there and doing as should, fan speeds and vent/lever positions etc.
While attempting to get to the rear of the controls in dash, I was checking function again and all at once the clutch clicked in and all seem to be ok. In moved all the controls back and forth, fan switch high and low, system off and then back on and all worked fine. BUT, started the engine and clutch kicked in and all started out ok and then.....the clutch dropped out and never come back on. And as of now I have yet to be able to make it do so.
Guys I am in the refrigeration business and installed/repaired many auto systems, but never run into the vac switches on one. Going to start the elimination method but know somebody on here has to have hit this problem in the past. And as far as mods....this is a original system with no alterations.
Any ideas or suggestions on a starting point? Please? Help?