Author Topic: 68 SS Black Horn Cap Disassembly  (Read 1737 times)


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68 SS Black Horn Cap Disassembly
« on: January 24, 2015, 11:01:22 PM »
My 68 SS black horn cap is starting to show it's age. The underlying metal is starting to pit beneath the brush satin finish and the black background looks like it could also use a cleaning. I've searched the usual repro suppliers but it appears that none of them offer this style cap. I did, however, find just the cap here ( but it does not include the "SS" insert. I also found the cap with the insert here ( but based off of the excellent info in this thread (;all) it would seem that the HBC cap is incorrect.

So I could either buy just the cap or have my original replated to remove the pits. I haven't yet found just the 68 "SS" insert so I'm hoping my original will clean up and reuse it with either the replated original or a repro cap.

It's not very obvious (at least to me) how the insert is removed from the cap. Can anyone shed some light on how they come apart?

'68 SS L35 01D