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Decoding/Numbers / Trim tag “build date” calendar?
« on: December 09, 2018, 03:24:23 PM »
I thought I understood how the date code on the trim tag is supposed to work, but my question is more about what dates are they? For example: if the car says 9A, that’s obviously the first week of September… But September 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are in the same calendar week (Sunday through Saturday) as the last four days of August.

So, looking at the provided image, would the last week of August be 8E? Or would it be 9A? I guess my real question is, if my trim tag says 9A, was it built some time between the fourth and the 10th, or the last week of August and the first three days of September?

This also applies to October of that year. Is a 10A car built the last week of September and October 1? Or does a 10A car start the week of the second through the ninth?

I’m just wondering if somebody’s ever taken the time to build a calendar around trim tab information to show what week your car would’ve been built? Thank you in advance...

Okay, this is probably simple, and I've tried to scan the forum before I asked this question, but I need help determining the BLUE color in my interior.

My 67 is an F-F car (Marina Blue), and it has a STANDARD interior of 717-Z.

Now, I know the 717 is Blue, but when I'm researching parts for it online (ie: Carpet, Replacement Vinyl, Headliner) I find Blue, Light Blue, and Bright Blue. Call me crazy (and I know one of you will), but the stuff looks Bright Blue to me, and it's original, but I know the BRIGHT is designated for the Deluxe, and I don't have that. So whether I'm at Ricks, or Year One, or Classic Industries, or, I can't seem to ever figure out which dang BLUE I need to order, because most of those places just say BLUE.... when talking about the standard interior, and Bright Blue when talking about deluxe. I've seen LIGHT and BRIGHT at one place for the same dang part, and that's when it gets really confusing, cause I don't know what to order.

So, beyond that... a couple of other questions...
1) Has anyone used the vinyl dye (like Camaro Interior Spray Vinyl Dye part # AP-17, from Ricks) and what were the results... any recommendations, or regrets/advice?
2) The painted parts in my interior... if I repaint, is this a different blue paint then the exterior Marina Blue (code F) on my car?
3) Is there another business besides the one's I've mentioned above that I should be looking at? Anyone have any websites where good prices can be found? I seem to never wanna use YearOne because their prices seem high...

Thanks for the help....

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