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Maintenance / Fuse Box better connections
« on: August 15, 2018, 05:25:50 PM »
My 67 RS is having a slight issue with the fuses in the fuse box especially the taillight and headlight fuses. Once in a while during driving the tube fuses shift slightly and lose connection leaving my without tails or head lamps. I quick touch with my test light probe moves them over a bit and they regain contact.

Question is besides replacing the entire fuse box with a modern blade type box. How should I clean these contacts also can I place die-electric grease on the fuses?

Originality / Request 67 L35 engine bay photos
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:48:50 PM »
Does anyone have (or point me in the direction) of either a 67 L35 396 survivor car or accurately restored L35 engine bay?

I checked the original car threads to no luck.

Thank you.   

General Discussion / Any info on 124377N198147
« on: May 08, 2018, 02:06:46 PM »
Just picked this car up. I know it spend the better part of the last 10 years in CT. Unsure before that possibly more time in CT. Google and a search here provided nothing. If anyone has anything on it I would appreciate it.

General Discussion / 67 with wheel hop
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:52:21 PM »
Hey guys first post here. Just picked up a 67 SS/RS originally 350/PG car now has a 396 built to around 350hp mild Comp cam and a Muncie M20. I believe it is the original 10bolt open diff. 3.08 (feels like it didn't check yet). Mono leaf and non-staggered shocks.

It wheel hops, from rear passenger side, something wild during low speed acceleration (75% throttle ish) The end goal would be do a 12 bolt posi swap but while I search for one and get the fun money to blow on it would cal-tracs help cure the hop and make a noticeable difference during acceleration?

I am not looking to restore it to be original by any means looking for a very fun driver that I can put 5-10k miles on during the nice weather.


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