Author Topic: Don L Posi Sticker, Nice work eh!  (Read 2877 times)


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Don L Posi Sticker, Nice work eh!
« on: August 13, 2012, 02:53:50 AM »
Hey Don I went to your website. Nice job for sure. I noticed some things you might be interested in. This is the differences between the current repro and the original that I found.
Looks like you have addressed pretty much everything. Except like you mentioned the thickness of the center cross line. And also the distance of that line is lower on original from bottom of lettering. And maybe a little more space between the apostrophe and the “R”.  Nice!! … Danny
Ok here we go...

# 1  - The “ C “ in caution is cut nearly straight down and does not roll over. In fact, each cut of the “C” is tapered back a few percent.
# 2 – The top of the “T” cross is shorter on the original.
# 3 – The “O” on caution on the original is rounder, and not oval shaped. And that goes for all 10 “O’s”
# 4 – There is more space between each letter on the word C a u t i o n. Also that “C” in that word is cut back like the others.
# 5 – The three horizontal lines on the “E” in the word Vehicle are the same length. Your center is shorter. And that goes for all 23 of them.
# 6 – The cross run thru line on the “Q” of equipped goes thru the letter into the center and is cut straight horizontally.
# 7 – Hard to tell from the picture, but all the period’s look to have more space showing between the last letter on the originals.
# 8 – Horizontal center lines on all “F” are shorten on original.
# 9 – The “G” in “Ground” and “Though” has no right side down tail on original.
# 10 – The Dash in between Trans  “ - “  Mission is lower, fatter, and longer on the original.
# 11 – The apostrophe on Owners has more space between the “R” and the “S” on the original.
# 12 – All lettering AND numbering has more white space between each letter, and INSIDE each letter.

How did I do??    ;D


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Re: Don L Posi Sticker, Nice work eh!
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2012, 01:17:06 PM »
There were a lot of issues with the repro which I tried to address when making mine.  You have certainly highlighted most of them. One thing you didn't mention is the very bottom line "Printed......" on the left side and "Part No...." on the right.  The repros have them lined up vertically with the rest of the text, but mine and the original have them just outside the rest of the text.

You did good Danny   ;)
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