Author Topic: 67 NOR body (rear) seam sealer color verification  (Read 3594 times)

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67 NOR body (rear) seam sealer color verification
« on: July 15, 2012, 12:07:50 AM »
  I'm restoring my 5B NOR convertible and completed the underbody finish. The next stage is to apply the seam sealer but I wanted to verify which color is correct for 67 NOR Camaros.
I examined my 67 LOS 4B survivor and see the sealer color is black but looking at original sealer (small sample taken and split to see under the spatter paint) in the NOR trunk I see it is beige.
I am assuming the person applying the sealer to the trunk used the same gun to apply underneath so the color should be the same.
  When I restored the car back in the 80's I replaced a lot of sheet metal so the original sealer was removed and replaced with the Eastwood product and painted black. Following the assembly article the sealer was applied after the body was primed but before the paint was applied so this time I'm going to let the sealer stay unpainted and let whatever overspray lands on it, stay. That should replicate what it looked like back in 67.
 The seams I am interested in are in the rear undercarriage at the locations where the 1/4 drop downs and rear wheel tub along the bottom of the drop down and 1/4's meet....up to where the drop down meets the rear valance (the curved seam).
 I have a tube of 3M 8505 beige that looks to be an exact match to the trunk sealer color. If any owners of NOR built 67's can confirm the color I would appreciate it very much.

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