Author Topic: WARNING - Ecklers Camaro experience I recently had!!  (Read 4575 times)


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WARNING - Ecklers Camaro experience I recently had!!
« on: July 14, 2006, 08:33:42 PM »
I recently ordered 2 cans of "Eastwood Argent/Silver Rally Wheel Paint" from Ecklers as I am restoring my 14x6 Rally's for my 1968 Camaro. Well, when I opened the box yesterday I had 2 generically label cans of "Ralley <sp> Wheel Paint", definitely not the Eastwood paint that is pictured on the website. The can is not even the same size/weight. When I called Eckler's today, they told me that they changed vendors but the paint in the can is the same. WRONG! It is not the same, it DOES NOT spray or look the same as the Eastwood paint I thought I was purchasing. P.S. Eastwood was very interested to find out that Eckler's has a picture of their rally wheel paint on their website for 40% less than they sell it for themselves! The Eckler's Camaro folks are WEASELS in my book!