Author Topic: Hotchkiss TVS, Body Bushings, A-arm bushings ???  (Read 941 times)


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Hotchkiss TVS, Body Bushings, A-arm bushings ???
« on: June 15, 2012, 09:09:10 PM »
I am considering installing the Hotchkiss TVS suspension system on my "68. I am looking for better handling but don't want an uncomfortable ride either. I want a compromise between good handling/cornering but be able to cruise in reasonable comfort and not get jarred around.......would the TVS system be a good choice for this?

If the TVS is a good choice, then I need to make choices about other components that affect the handling that are not included with the TVS but would work well with it. Namely, the subframe to body bushings and the upper and lower a-arm bushings.

I have read where solid subframe to body bushings are the way to go.....except maybe at the core support because the vibration might be bad for the radiator (true or false?). I had all solid subrame to body bushing in my car before I started my restoration and no problems with the ride quality or the radiator.

And the a-arm bushings, I know of course about polyurethane, but are there other choices out there besides stock bushings that might be better?