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Fuzzy Logic
« on: May 18, 2012, 12:57:43 AM »
Hi. I have a 1968 coupe with deluxe interior and reveal moldings.  I am going to replace my quarter window fuzzies/felts.

Over the years, I have had car parts on my xmas list.  Plus, have picked up stuff along the way on my own.  So, I do have a full set of felts from...the late 90s???  But they don't match my originals very well.

I checked most of the vendors.  I see that they offer "original style" sets.  Though, it still looks as though the inner quarter felts are not correct.  The outers in my current kit aren't exactly right, either.  But the current offerings state "orginal style bead" on the outers.  My originals do have a sort of black bead vs. the new ones I have that are flat/beveled edge treatment.  The thing is, there is no mention of the inner quarter felts' shape in these new "orginal style" kits.  Are they a chrome bead like my originals?  Or a more flat chrome piece like the door panels (which is what is in my current repro kit)?

Here are my fronts.  The outers are the same as the quarter outers, as far as I can tell.  The inners are like my replacements with the flat chrome piece.

Here are my quarter window outers.  Notice, if you can, that there is a bead on the originals on the right vs. a bevel, then rounded over pinch on the repros on the left.

One can kind of see the bevel on the repro in these pictures.  It bends away from the camera.  The originals actually come towards the camera first.  Then, they are a rounded over bead.  Also notice the way the end is cut on the original vs. repro.  The original is at an angle.  The repro is a 90 degree cut.

Here are the inner quarter felts.  This is where the biggest difference occurs.  The repros on top have a flat chrome piece like the doors.  The originals are a chrome bead (bottom).

First, are my "originals" correct?  My car is pretty original in most areas.  But not always...  If they are, does anyone sell a kit or at least the inner felts that are like the originals?  The vendor descriptions are all over the place...