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Compression testing
« on: May 11, 2012, 08:16:11 PM »
Did some maintenance checks on my 396/350 SS I ran a compressions test and was suprised at the consistancy for each cylinder I found the following:

1. 170 lb/si
2. 165 lb/si
3. 165 lb/si
4. 160 lb/si
5. 165 lb/si
6. 165 lb/si
7. 160 lb/si
8. 167 lb/si

I have not received the service manual that I ordered, but I remember reading that the range is 150-180 lb/si. So rings, valves, and head gaskets are looking good. Just need to get a dwell meter, timing light, and vacuum gauge to check the timing. Otherwise the car is in great shape. It takes just a few minutes to warm up idles about 500 RPM cold and then right at 750-800 RPM operating temperarutre. Other than that the spark plugs look like they could be replaced but minor.