Author Topic: Noire from transmissionsnet aften dynotest  (Read 1302 times)


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Noire from transmissionsnet aften dynotest
« on: April 28, 2012, 07:56:52 AM »
Ders forum,
After a dynotest with engine adjustment and an output test, i have unfortuately got an ugly noise from the gearbox or converter. The noise is only there, when the engine is pulling (lever in D). It sounds a bit like a piece of metal hitting the spokes in a bicyclewheel...

I did check the flexplate, and there are no cracks or messing parts- or parts hitting each other...

There aren't any other problems, the tranny (th 350 standard gearbox) is, apart from this noise, working perfectly, and the engine is pulling allrigth..

Anyone with a good idea to the cause?

Best regards

Jesper, Denmark