Author Topic: EXTREMELY nice, heavily documented 1969 rally green Z on ebay  (Read 703 times)


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Understood Austin.  I'm as curious as the next guy and try to pay attention.  I thought it was nice of Danzo to explain things about the car after seeing it in person since we can only tell so much from pics.   Seems they all take the liberties of adding cowl hoods, exterior trim, spoilers, and console/gauges to these cars.  Unfortunately some of those things are pretty expensive to reverse.  The good news is that adding these things doesn't seem to adversely affect the prices of these cars.  For those reasons only is why I suggested leaving it alone.  I don't mean to come across as one sided.  I like them either way.  When I'm dealing with restorations, I just try not to spend customers money unnecessarily if it's not needed.  However I'm not here to stop them from blowing money if they really want to  ;D


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Well at least with this one, you can tell how it came by the window sticker. I agree I would like to see the cars as they came with out all the add ons, but that may be easy for me to say because i have the ZL-2 hood from the factory... ;)

I did look at a very original red Z prior to mine that was a flat hood car, I may have wanted to put the ZL-2 on that car if I had bought it. it was very clean with black deluxe interior. The paint had a bit of checking and build up. I wonder what happened to that car, and if it is still running that flat hood. Good looking car, just like this one. I feel the hood doesn't make this car, that "look at me" green paint sure does though.

Dave (another CRG-er) has a great looking Rally Green car.
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