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1967 Mt Tremblant 4-Hour race, May 21 1967

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Jon Mello:
This race, which has been erroneously referred to as an official Trans-Am race, was won by Dick Guldstrand (and co-driver Tom Payne)
in his Dana Chevrolet-sponsored Camaro. While the race did get on the official Trans-Am schedule in 1968, they did not have their
act together well enough to have it be an official T/A event in '67. None of the Bud Moore Cougars, Shelby team Mustangs, or Penske
Camaros showed up but there were some pretty good other drivers who did attend. There are some photos from this event which can be
seen here if you do a search for the event.

Ron Lathrop collection

Ron Lathrop collection

Jon Mello collection

Jon Mello collection

Jon Mello collection

Jon Mello:
Many thanks to Craig Wheeldon for copying his program (seen below) for our benefit.

This was a most interesting 4 hr. sedan race - I attended as a crew member for my friend Rick Stevens who brought his 1293 mini. Rick and I would later team up in camaros.  The mini he brought was the same one he raced earlier in the year at the Sebring Trans-Am 4 hr.  For this race he recruited ace mini driver Bill Brack (twice Canadian Driving Champion in a F B and F Atlantic stalwart).

Unfortunately, they were protested at race's end, by another compeitor, Ted Powell.  It was deemed the rear track was 1" too wide, necessitated by spacers to accomodate some new Firestone rear tires.  There was a long discussion for several hours by race stewards before the decision was reached.

The decision meant that $800 flew out the window, and they were disqualified from the results, not just a penalty or a small fine.
It was not a happy gang that loaded up and went home after that bitter taste.

Robert Barg

Jon Mello:
Thanks, Robert.  I knew you'd have a story.   ;D

Jon Mello:
Many thanks to Craig Wheeldon for sharing this Mt Tremblant (St Jovite) article with us from the Quebec
magazine called V8 Passion. He has included an English translation which I will post after this.


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