Author Topic: 1967 Camaro Deck Lid Luggage Rack and its Accessory Ski Rack  (Read 3164 times)


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1967 Camaro Deck Lid Luggage Rack and its Accessory Ski Rack
« on: December 13, 2011, 03:13:09 PM »
I am a long time CRG supporter but have never posted to discussions.   Today I tried to post the following discussion and questions to the site but could not seem to crack the code as to how to do it.  Here is what I wanted to say.

I believe I have an original  (NOS)  1967 Camaro  dealer  deck lid  ski rack accessory.   It is in an original  GM box with the original dealer shipping label and Dec 66 postage still affixed.  The box shows  part number 986973. 
In researching the ski rack accessory for a 1967 Camaro, I have discovered what appears  to be a difference or discrepancy  between the two  supposedly “official” GM reference documents I have access to.     Help
Reference #1:  67-73 Camaro Parts Catalog (GM) No.  731A
Reference #2:  Chevrolet Custom Features Accessories for 1967 Confidential Price Schedule, Effective OCTOBER 1, 1966   [ Note this is  NOT  the GM PR  advertising brochure showing all the Dealer Accessories ]

Ref 2,  Page 13   lists part number  986973 ( my part number )  as a  RACK-SKI.  An  associated  note  states  it is to be used in conjunction with 986914.   I assumed  986914 was  supposed to identify the deck lid luggage rack to which it mounts, but, this assumption seems to be questionable  according to the listing for the luggage rack itself on page 9 of the same document.   Page 9 of Ref 2  lists one and only one part number for a deck lid carrier for all 67 GM cars.  This part number is 987141.    I have also heard that the Corvette luggage deck lid carrier was different than the Camaro’s but what I see is that they both used the same luggage carrier but the Corvette used an adapter with it to get it to fit.   To try to find out additional info on the subject I  referred to Ref 1 Section 12.815.   This official GM parts catalog also  lists 986973 as the original  Rack, Deck Lid Ski  -  Accessory  part number but shows it was later superseded by 987196.   It too has an associated note that states it  is to be  used with a Deck Lid Carrier Unit, but, unfortunately it  does not specifically identify the part number for the deck  lid carrier here.   Complicating the issue further is that immediately above and also in this Sect 12.815 is  an identification for a Carrier Unit -  Deck Lid Luggage Accessory   with two different part numbers  - one ( 993824 ) for 1969 and one ( 993862 )  for 1970 to 1973.     NOTE THAT THERE IS NO P/N LISTED FOR THE 67/68 DECK LID ACCESSORY CARRIER AT ALL.     What is listed separately  there is  another     RACK Unit – Deck Lid Ski    but without the Accessory designation as part number 3900396  for 67 and 68 only.    Is there something missing here ??

So , here are my questions.   

Question 1.  Does anyone have any other or clarifying  information on this particular luggage carrier mounted ski rack and the associated deck lid luggage carrier  accessories.

Question 2.  I have been told, by unnamed and unremembered sources,  that Corvette and Camaro luggage racks were different, but Ref 2  clearly indicates otherwise.   What is correct?

Question 3.  How rare do you think  this  ski  rack accessory  of mine  is?   I don’t see any discussions about it or that anyone has ever had or seen one.    I don’t find much on the luggage rack either, other than a few comments that imply I would be an idiot to have a luggage rack on a 67 Camaro and 1 picture of supposedly an original 67 with a luggage rack that doesn’t look like a Corvette rack so I even question this picture.    DO I HAVE THE ONLY SKI RACK  IN OR LEFT IN EXISTANCE?   I doubt It, but then again, who knows.   Perhaps it  would be  of interest  to the 67 Camaro Historical Society.

Petes L48

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Re: 1967 Camaro Deck Lid Luggage Rack and its Accessory Ski Rack
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2011, 04:04:17 PM »
Re question 3 - In the past year I've seen 2, maybe 3 NOS accessory ski racks listed on eBay.  Can't recall the sell price, likely several hundred dollars.  NOS luggage racks go for around $1200 on ebay dependent on whether all the parts are there.  They also show up a few times a year.  I'll see if I captured any pics which show the part number on the box.  I've no idea on the correct part numbers by year and application.


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Re: 1967 Camaro Deck Lid Luggage Rack and its Accessory Ski Rack
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2011, 05:20:11 PM »
Welcome to the group. I'm assuming since you were able to post, you got your secret agent decoder ring working correctly!!

Anyway, to maybe clear it up a little for you (maybe not since it gets really complicated), here's what I've found:

1. 986973 is the 1966 "sales" part number for the Ski Rack assembly and was used on all models. (This part number was superceeded in 1967 by P/N 987066, and then again later in 1967 by P/N 987196, and was used on all models except station wagons and the El Camino.)

2. The "correct" Luggage Rack for use on the 1967 Camaro is P/N 986914, which is the original "sales" part number. 986469 was a "service" part number for "all" models from 1965 through 1967. This replacement "service" item probably isn't the same as the original "sales" item since it was designed to include "all" models. (Also note that another number, 987141, was a "service" part number used in 1967, and was used on all models EXCEPT the Camaro).

3. In 1967 the Camaro and Corvette used the same Luggage Rack assembly ("sales" P/N 986914), with the Corvette requiring a 986451 adapter.

You have to remember that "sales" part numbers and "service" part numbers may not necessarily be the same. Service part numbers were usually designed to fit multiple models.

Not sure how rare the Ski Rack is, but I've only seen one in all the years I've been dealing with the first generation Camaro. I had one on a 68 I owned MANY years ago.

Ed "Bert" Bertrand
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