Author Topic: Missing Cowl Tag for 67 Convertible  (Read 2563 times)


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Missing Cowl Tag for 67 Convertible
« on: June 01, 2006, 10:17:37 PM »
I've had the car since high school (1981).  I bought the car in horrible shape.  All floors were rotted and the original motor was missing.   What a tragedy  because it appears to be an RS/SS 350 Convertible.    It has deluxe interior which is ripped.  SS Gas Cap and SS Horn Button - all showing signs of wear & tear.  I stripped the paint down and found the original bumblebee stripe around the nose.  It has hideaway headlights (electric) which are broken.

I'm convinced this is an original SS/RS and NOT a clone.  My logic is for the reasons mentioned above.  I beleive when I purchased it back in 1981 was way before anyone could purchase SS emblems and all the clone parts that are now available.

I'm missing the buildsheet, cowl tag and Protecto Plate.   My guess is someone stole the cowl tag long ago.  At any rate I think I'm in a tough spot to prove that this car is a real SS/RS.

How can I get information? 


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Re: Missing Cowl Tag for 67 Convertible
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2006, 01:07:35 PM »
Start by researching this site:  --especially 9. Spources and 10. History

Without the cowl tag it is an uphill battle.  81 may seem like a long time ago for you, but I can assure you there were great looking clones in the 70s.  You need to find what other numbers you can.  Start with [from General Info. sources] Alan L. Colvin's Chevrolet By The Numbers, The Essential Chevrolet Parts Reference, 1965-69, Robert Bentley, Inc., 1994. ISBN 0-876-0956-9.  Post what you find in Decoding.

In any case, you have the potential there for a great car.  Good luck and post what you find.

BTW, take a look at Ed,s post about sources in this thread: 

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