Author Topic: Breaking-in of Race engines?  (Read 5395 times)


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Re: Breaking-in of Race engines?
« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2015, 08:52:36 PM »
James, do you still have that B/A Sedan?  *G*

I paid 800 for the 57 Post which included a nice black and silver interior out of a restored car which was being street machined, I painted the car Corvette Marina Blue and put 15x7 ralleys on it.
Sold it to buy my first 2 Camaros.
71 RS 350 was my daily driver after I painted it and put an interior kit in it and an all matching numbers 68 RS/SS 396 Lemans Blue/ blue dlx to restore. (never got a lot done on it and sold it while I was in college, currently owned by a CRG member)

Here I am at 13 with the long board air file...

After 3 wrecks on one CRAZY Saturday I then painted it 71 Corvette Mille Miglia RED

Until my 30's this was the car I drove the longest.... 18-20 months ~ 2 paint jobs, multiple wrecks, countless tickets.

When I was 19 I picked up a matching numbers 69 L46 vette for $4500, of all the cars, that is one I wish I would have kept.
There is a Super Chevy magazine from the early 90's with a picture of me carrying the hood for the car at Super Chevy Atlanta. (had a L88 hood when I bought it)

Sold it to buy a RED/RED 1980 Vette wrecked it while at college and picked up a Guards Red 951 Porsche (944 Turbo) plus a few 71- 79 Z28's - plus 2 -69 SS 396 4 spd chevelles.  
Collectin' Camaro's since "Only Rednecks drove them"
Check out the Black 69 RS/Z28 45k mile Survivor and the Lemans Blue 69 Z 10D frame off...