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USA-1 Plates
« on: April 10, 2013, 05:08:29 AM »
Does anybody know for sure when the cut-off was for the USA-1 plates backing finish change. I thought the early ones had the green nitrate back. Then the later ones still had the same separation and spacing, but had the brushed aluminum back. Was it in the 70's that they got rid of the green back? .... The picture shows green back. I always thought these were 69' - 70'....  Danny


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Re: USA-1 Plates
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2013, 09:09:31 PM »
Don't know when they changed to the aluminum backs, but I would guess after ' 78, when all the originals were gone. Here is a list of the different slogans that were used through the years, and many were license plates.

*Count On Chevrolet to Build the one you want
*The Great Highway performers
*more,more,more for 64
*Chevys Lateset,Chevys Greatest!
*Chevy Time
*There's 5 in 64
*Roll Chevy Roll!(NSC)

*Something New For EveryBody!
*The Beautiful Shapes for 65!
*Buy Word For ' Chevrolet
*65's Beautiful Breakaway (or Breakthrough) by Chevrolet
*The MAKE that MAKES you want a 65!
*Red Hot and Rolling!(NSC Campaign)
*Here and Wow!
*Steer em right!(NSC)
*New and Great!
*The Super 65's

*A perfectly beautiful year to Go Chevrolet
*Your year to live it up in style
*Thrill of the Year
*Double divendend days!
*The thrilling 66's
*High Style! New Spirit!

*Everything new that could happen...HAPPENED!
*Rumors come true Wonderfully!
*Mean more than ever before
*Exciting Beauty! Power that moves!
*Always out front in safety,(or styling)
*Chevy comes out swinging for 67
*Wonderful One
*America's No.1 Seller

*Look at Chevrolets Latest!
*Decidely 68! Chevrolet!
*Stunningly Beautiful! Superbly Built! The 68 Chevrolet! Dramatically Designed! Distinctively Different! Daringly New!

*Putting You first Keeps Us First!-(USA-1 License plate slogan too)
*The Leader Comes on Strong

*"On The Move" The Chevrolet 70's.
*See America's First-(License Plate Slogan)
*The Chevrolet Movers (Trucks)

*Putting you first in a Big Way-(license Plate slogan)
*Totally Tougher (Trucks)
*The Little Car that Does everything Well (Vega)

*For you in 72!
*We want your Chevrolet to be the best car you've ever owned.
*Totally tougher to last longer (Trucks)
*Building a Better Way to See the USA (Mid year Red-White-Blue Motiff License Plate Slogan)Used in 1974 also

1973-Red-White-Blue motiff takes off.
*Building a Better Way to Serve the USA (Trucks)

*Chevrolet Makes sense For America
*Lasting Chevy Value (Trucks)
*America's favorites,BaseBall,HotDogs,Apple Pie and Chevrolet (used well into the 76- 77 years too)