Author Topic: a supposed 69ss but its an LA car could you please help me?  (Read 3777 times)


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st 69             Los114370
tr  713                    69b-cortez with black vinyl top

dash # 124379L501773

can you guys please help desifer with this minimal info. The car doesnt have the orignal big block, but now has a bb 427 so I am not sure if it is a real ss. the body/firewall I am asuming is made for a big block for the water heater in and outlets because of the 427 thats in it currently. I dont remeber looking at now though. the car doesnt have the orginal interior now green with four gauges in front of the autoshifter and has high 140mph speedo cluster. I know this is not orginal interior as the guy told me he bought it for the upgrade off of another car. it also has electric windows and door panels which are not in it currently from the swith to green. he said he had to change to the convertable/four speed wiring harness for the auto windows to work with factory wiring? so he changed it but i have no idea if they work. plus the battery is dead. I really want to know if this car is an ss so maybe it will be worth buying. I checked for the dual exhaust mount on the frame near the left rear tire as I heard this is a sign possible for ss and it does have that. also has five leaf springs and twelve bolt. most ss badges were taking off by owner years ago for cleaner look he said. he still has most of the emblems in an old box and I wrote the # down on the back of the ss here are a couple maybe there orginal. ss   8731292. and 3916660. he is missing the 396 emblems though. the car is not silver anymore, now green and still has the top with rust in all the normal places-rear window and under the top on the quarters. big dent in driver door. other than that clean and not running for four years. it has the ss hood. thanks guys I really appreciate it.
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Re: a supposed 69ss but its an LA car could you please help me?
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The 5 leaf springs and 12 bolt are a sign in the right direction.
The plate for the exhaust hanger is not unique to SS or Z28 cars. Basically any Camaro ordered with the N10 dual exhaust will have this, but still a good sign.
The power window/convertible wiring probably just means the auxilary power is used from the horn relay, via the firewall mounted circuit breaker that convertible power tops more commonly use. I don't know why he had to switch harnesses though. The A31/CO6 reproduction wiring and circuit breaker is readily available.
Front disc brakes?
Anyway, the 140mph speedo, big block heater box are easy bolt-ons and the body/firewalls are no different for any engine including 6 cylinders.. Not definite proof without the original engine I'm afraid.
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Re: a supposed 69ss but its an LA car could you please help me?
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The 140 mph speedometer is an add-on. Only COPO sports car conversion got that. ;)
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